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Security Lighting Tips for Your Home

As of this week, we’re officially past Labor Day weekend. This means the arrival of cooler, shorter days. In turn, shorter days also means extra cover for thieves looking to commit their crimes under the cover of nightfall. In this post, we share some tips to help you use security lighting to combat this risk. […]

Life Safety Ideas Beyond Smoke Detectors


Most potential alarm customers call us up with some prior knowledge of security system “basics.” These include door and window sensors to secure their home’s perimeter. Generally, we also install motion detectors to cover large interior areas of a home as well. Finally, many people ask us about installing monitored smoke detectors. These detectors provide […]

Condo Security System Installation Tips

New Condo

At Northeast Security Solutions, we realize that every living situation brings its own unique security challenges. In this post, we share some security system tips for our readers living in condominium complexes. Our condo security tips will have two main focuses. First, we will examine how we can install alarms that are ideal for condos. […]

Stopping Unwanted Key Copies for Good

A sign reading "DO NOT COPY"

A few months ago, we published a post on Key-Free Lock Control for Your Business. In that post, we explained that burglars can thwart even the best locks if they have a key. In fact, unwanted key copies create a constant security threat for home and business owners alike. Occasionally, a contractor working in a […]

Using Rapid SMS to Enhance Security

rapidSMS Social Post graphic for dealer v1 (2)

A while back, we created a post sharing Best Practices for Creating a Quick Alarm Response. In that post, we shared the importance of cutting down on false alarms. After all, properties known to create false alarms will find themselves at the bottom of the police dispatch priority list. Furthermore, we pointed out how quickly […]

Do I Need a Fire Alarm Inspection?


A few months ago, we created a post to help customers with Recognizing Illegal Commercial Security Measures. In that post, we explained that failing to have your fire alarm system inspected, or not having it inspected frequently enough, could run you into legal issues. In this post, we go over specific fire alarm inspection requirements […]

Choosing the Right Residential Locks (2)

When creating a complete home security plan, many homeowners focus on electronic security. For example, burglar alarm systems and video surveillance systems often take first priority. While useful, these plans sometimes fail to address the mechanical side of home security. We consider locks the “front line” of any good residential security plan. After all, high-quality […]

Your Guide to How Alarm Systems Work


Out of all the technology-related products people encounter regularly, security systems prove the “scariest” for many consumers. After all, monitored alarms have the ability to call out to our central station and initiate a police dispatch. This feature can make anyone feel a little nervous. Furthermore, many find the nature of the systems themselves quite […]

Am I Required to Monitor My Alarm System?


Customers with alarm systems have many options for security monitoring. In fact, we detail many of these options in our post exploring Unique Security Monitoring Options. We rank alarm monitoring as one of the most important security measures that we provide. In most cases, this monitoring service represents a popular, yet non-required, option. However, certain […]