6 Security Measures That Improve Senior Citizen Safety in the Home

By Ryan Bell / February 16, 2018 / Comments Off on 6 Security Measures That Improve Senior Citizen Safety in the Home

Senior citizen safety is a major concern in the security industry. As a homeowner’s age rises, so do the odds of a household accident or emergency. We are often approached by elderly homeowners and their families or friends to help keep their loved ones safe and in their own home. These requests can take many…

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A group of people working at a desk

Smart Security System Design

By Ryan Bell / February 2, 2018 / Comments Off on Smart Security System Design

We’ve given a lot of advice for using a security system in previous posts. It goes without saying, though, that those tips only become useful once you have a system installed. In this week’s discussion topic, we’ll rewind to the start of the security system design process. We’ll dive into some of the basic decisions…

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Donation to the Zoo in Forest Park from Northeast Security Solutions

Donation to the Zoo in Forest Park of a Temperature Monitoring System Coming from Northeast Security Solutions

By David Condon / February 12, 2015 /

A local zoo in Springfield is getting a new tool to increase animal safety thanks to a gift from Northeast Security Solutions. This donation to The Zoo in Forest Park is a temperature detection system that will be installed this Friday, February 13th, 2015. The parts and the labor are being donated in the wake of a recent WGGB news story reporting that “two monkeys…

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