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commercial security services

Commercial Security Services:

We offer a wide array of commercial security products to protect commercial properties, industrial buildings, hospitals, schools, and much more. In addition, we don’t use “cookie cutter” systems like the national brands; we will create a solution that is customized to your exact location. We have a knack for listening to your concerns and identifying the important commercial security devices you should be using to maximize your results while taking into account your budget.

Information for You

  • Residential Smoke Alarm Requirements in Massachusetts

    There is little debate that working smoke alarms and smoke detectors save lives. The Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security cites that of the deaths that occurred in 2014 due to residential fires, nearly 25% of them happened in homes without smoke alarms and another 12% happened in homes with smoke alarms that […]

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  • Understanding Smoke Alarm Laws and Fire Code

    In part one of this two-part series of blog posts, (Find the first part here.) we discussed home smoke alarm placement and requirements. In this installment, we will dive into the creation of smoke alarm laws and fire code. As mentioned briefly in our last post, there is much confusion around smoke alarm and detector requirements. Much of […]

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  • A group of people working at a desk

    Smart Security System Design

    We’ve given a lot of advice for using a security system in previous posts. It goes without saying, though, that those tips only become useful once you have a system installed. In this week’s discussion topic, we’ll rewind to the start of the security system design process. We’ll dive into some of the basic decisions […]

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  • The How, Where, When, and Why of Access Control

    Many business owners have an interest in some form of access control system, but do not quite know where to start. These systems offer nearly endless options from both a technology and a usage standpoint. They play a large role in preventing theft, both from outside sources and even from employees. Decisions loom every step of […]

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