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You already have high quality door locks; now you are ready for more. Who will be alerted if something goes wrong? Are you ready to better protect lives and property? Commercial burglar alarm systems are the best way to ensure the proper people are notified in an emergency.

business team4Your first goal is life safety. If there’s a fire, you want everyone out, fast! If there’s an armed intrusion, you want the police to know, instantly! But your business can fail even if nobody is physically harmed, simply due to theft, vandalism, or something as mundane as a broken water pipe in the middle of the night.

This is where we can help. We can provide dozens of choices, from very loud alarms that alert your employees immediately, to “silent” alarms that allow you to call for help and catch intruders in the act. In addition to smoke, fire, gas, freeze-ups or spills, alarms can be triggered by traditional magnetic contacts on doors and windows. Or they might utilize passive infrared, light beam, acoustic or video motion sensing. We can set up glass breakage and shock sensors. Employees can wear “panic button” duress transmitters. Triggering devices can be connected by wires or wireless systems to alarm stations. The alarm itself might be a loud horn on the wall, or a call to the local fire department, your own security person, or our 24-hour monitoring department.

And, because we are an integrated provider of security systems, we can tie together your locks, access control, safes, alarms and surveillance cameras. For instance, a broken lock can trigger an alarm, which in turn provides live video and audio and/or information to our monitoring professional. If we see an emergency, we can dispatch the fire/rescue/police crews immediately. But if we see that it’s just the forklift supervisor accidentally backing the rig into the doorjamb, we can talk with him right on the spot via a video/audio system and you won’t get dinged for an unnecessary dispatch if your town charges for false alarms. Our monitoring specialists are UL Listed and have experience working with emergency departments and with businesses such as yours.

Your alarm options can grow to hundreds of possible systems; we can help you sort them out and recommend the best alarm and monitoring system for YOUR security needs.

Ten Reasons Why Northeast Security Solutions should install your alarm system!

  1. You own the hardware, not us. Why be forced to lease equipment when you could instead own it free and clear after just a few years? Your CFO will appreciate the assets on the balance sheet instead of a leasing cost on the expense ledger.
  2. Ours is a self-monitoring active system, not a passive one that is only checked monthly.
    • Our sensors tell the panel every 64 minutes they are functioning fine and can report if necessary.
    • Every 24 hours the panel tests the telephone line to tell us it can make a telephone call in the unlikely event it needs to.
  3. We offer Two-Way Voice verification. Most companies do not! Two-Way Voice lets our Central Monitoring Station communicate with you directly when an alarm occurs. This valuable feature helps verify whether a signal is a true emergency or a false alarm. Communicating with our Central Monitoring Station professional can be a lifesaver for people in a real life threatening situation or with health concerns.
  4. Our Money Back Guarantee. If the system fails to detect an event when operating during a fire or armed during an intrusion we will remove the system and give you your money card lock
  5. Our Deductible Guarantee. If our system fails to detect an intrusion when armed, we will cover your insurance deductible up to $250 for an event reported to the police and your insurance company.
  6. Our $100 Cash Price Matching Guarantee. If you can find the exact same equipment and guarantees for a lower price, show us the written quote. We will meet the price plus give you $100 cash if you purchase the system with monitoring from us.
  7. Our False Alarm Guarantee. If the system ever gives a false alarm due to equipment failure or a mechanical problem, we will give you one month's monitoring for free.
  8. Our Four Hour Service Guarantee. We guarantee a service technician will be in touch with you within 4 hours of a reported problem (excluding war, acts of terrorism or naturalcomp tech disasters) or we will give you one month's monitoring for free.
  9. We offer three levels of monitoring services; see us for details.
    • Silver Service
    • Gold Service
    • Platinum Service
  10. For each referral you give us who then purchases a monitored system, we will give you a $50 certificate toward your next monitoring bill.

Plus -- give us a call and we will provide you with a free secuity audit and system recommendation.

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