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A fire can spread very rapidly. Automatic fire alarms are of the utmost importance to protect properties and, more importantly, help save the lives of the occupants! Such a system monitors environmental changes associated with combustion, thus detecting the presence of fire and signaling the need to evacuate the affected area while our central station operators call the fire department.

Designing Your Alarm System

In order to establish the fire detection goals for automatic fire alarms, one must take into consideration that there are minimum levels of detection that are mandated. These parameters are controlled by building code, insurance agencies, and other authorities. The alarm designer details specific components, arrangements, and interfaces necessary to reach these goals. There is equipment that is manufactured specifically for these uses. They are used to develop standardized installation measures during the design process. We use NFPA 72 – the National Fire Alarm Code that is the most widely used in the United States – as the installation standard.

Components of Fire Alarms

There are many parts of a fire alarm system that must all work together seamlessly such as:

  • Initiating Devices
    • Smoke Detectors (Incuding photoelectric, ionization and beam stylized versions)
    • Heat Detectors (Including Rate-of-Rise and Fixed Temperature versions)
    • HVAC Duct Detectors
    • Sprinkler Water Flow Detectors
    • Manual Pull Stations
  • Notification Devices
  •  Horns
  • Strobe Lights

Communication Methods for Fire Alarms

There are many communication methods approved by the fire code for contacting the fire department in the event of a fire. We can help you choose the best method for your location, concerns, and budget.

  • Traditional telephone lines
  • IP or internet
  • Radio
  • Cellular

Fire Alarm Testing and Inspection Services

By law, commercial fire alarms must be inspected on an annual basis and sometimes even more frequently. Our technicians are trained to perform these inspections for you and complete any necessary repairs. We can remind you each year when the inspection is due to keep you compliant and prevent costly fines from the fire department.

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