When many people think of home security, they often think of burglar-related security. Of course, this represents a significant portion of our business. Home security systems, locks, and cameras all work together to help prevent thieves from scouting out and entering your home. However, we also provide valuable life safety services and equipment in the form of fire security. Installing this equipment creates obvious benefits for our customers, as well as some surprising value. For starters, it can save your home, or even the life of a family member if a fire occurs during nighttime hours. Additionally, insurance companies often give discounts for installing certain types of life safety equipment. The security and cost savings of adding this security make it a no-brainer to many homeowners. In this post, we’ll share some important tips for creating complete home fire security!

First, we’ll review some common-sense methods of fire prevention. When it comes to minizing fire damage, the best defense is to stop a fire from occurring in the first place! From there, we’ll move on to a couple security equipment-related methods of adding fire security. This discussion will begin with a look at adding monitored smoke and heat detection to your home. This represents the quickest way to create a fire department response to this typs of emergency. From there, we’ll shift our attention to adding fire extinguishers in your home. Doing so allows you to stop a fire in its tracks before it gets out of control. Now, let’s dive in with a look at minimizing the odds of experiencing a home fire.

Minimizing the Odds of a Fire in Your Home

One of the best ways to create fire security lies in minimizing the odds of a fire ever occurring in your home. Currently, we’re experiencing one of the most dangerous seasons for home fires. The advent of the calendar’s coldest months brings with it one of the most dreaded events of the year: the return of heater usage. In addition to dirving up energy costs, this event also raises fire concerns. Taking a couple simple preacuations can greatly enhance your overall fire safety during the fall and into the winter. During this time of year, consider inspecting and cleaning all of the components of your heating system, including both the cleaning unit itself and all heaters throughout your home. Of course, some heating maintenance differs based on what type of heat you have. We encourage you to consult your heating unit’s manuals and call the company that installed your heating unit for tips on maintenance.

A System Sensor smoke detector.

Monitored smoke detectors, such as this one by System Sensor, create an important fire department dispatch to any fire-related emergency at your home.

Additionally, make sure that the areas around your heaters remain clear. Drapes, clothing, and loose papers around heaters can all work to undermine any autumn fire security precautions that you may undertake this year. Simply keeping your heaters clear of any flammable objects goes a long way! In addition to providing advice for fire-related precautions, we also provide fire safety equipment. In the next section, we’ll look at some of these potentially life-saving devices to help in creating complete home fire security.

Minimizing the Damage Caused by a Fire

While we prefer taking a proactvie approach to complete home fire security, we also acknowledge the fact that we cannot completely prevent fires from occurring. Therefore, we recommend preparing yourself for the worst in addition to making a fire as unlikely as you can. In this section, we’ll share a couple ways that you can minimize the damage caused by any fires that do occur. First, we’ll focus on a great method to get the fire department to your home efficiently when needed. Then, we’ll shift our focus to creating the best way to stop a fire’s spread as quickly as possible.

Adding Monitored Smoke and Heat Detection

When we install a security system for our customers, we also connect their alarms to our monitoring service. In doing so, we make sure that our central station responds to any alarm activations. Upon an activation, our central station operators can call the premises to check on the situation. If necessary, they can even dispatch the proper authorities to your home! Obviously, this adds quite a bit of security and peace of mind for any homeowner. When most of our customers think about this service, they think about it in terms of burglary-related security. Of course, this represents an extremely important aspect of what these systems offer. Thieves coming through doors or windows activate door sensors and motion detectors that activate your alarm’s siren, set the monitoring response in motion, and get the police to your property.

However, burglar security only represents a small portion of what these alarms can accomplish. In addition to watching over your home for criminal activity, they can also provide a valuable measure of life safety as well. We offer monitored smoke and heat detection that can alert you to the presence of a fire-related emergency in your home if a fire occurs while you are away. More importantly, these devices also create a fire department dispatch that can save your home in your absence, or even save the life of you or a family member if someone is home during one of these events. We highly recommend adding this security to any existing alarm system. Additionally, doing so often triggers the home isnurance discounts that we mentioned earlier in this post! Let’s now look at one more tip for creating complete home fire security.

Utilizing Fire Exinguishers to Eliminate Fires Before They Spread

Fire extinguishers provide our customers with a quick, effective way to control the spread of fires. Unfortunately, we run into a couple issues when it comes to extinguishers in homes. For starters, many homeowners fail to purchase any fire extinguishers at all. We consider these devices a basic and essential piece of any security plan. However, many people see them as a “commercial” security measure and fail to install them at home. Obviously, purchasing extinguishers and placing them strategically can help address this issue.

A fire extinguisher next to a yellow sign with a flame

Equipping your home with fire extinguishers goes a long way towards helping you stop house fires in their tracks.

Additionally, we often find that customers buy the wrong types of extinguishers for the job. For example, did you know you should fight any grease or cooking oil-related fire with a very specific type of extinguisher? These extinguishers, called class “K” extinguishers, can douse kitchen fires that no other extinguisher could properly fight. Moreover, using the wrong type of extinguisher can actually make fires spread more quickly! Feel free to check out our post on Fire Extinguisher Classes and Best Practices for more information on this subject.

Putting it All Together to Create Complete Home Fire Security

We hope that this post helps you in your efforts to create complete home fire security this year. Moreover, we also encourage you to contact us with any questions raised by this post. We will happily answer any and all of your security-related inquiries. Moreover, we also invite you to take advantage of our free site survey program. We offer valuable complimentary security audits, as well as security equipment quotes, to both new and existing customers alike. While on site, we can address any security concerns that you may have. Furthermore, we can also communicate any security issues that we notice during our visit.

Perhaps you have a robust security plan in place now, and wish to upgrade your fire-related security. Or, maybe reading through this post has reminded you of several holes in your home’s overall security. Either way, we are here to help. Over our 34 years in business, we’ve helped over a thousand customers create complete home fire security, as well as security against events such as burglaries, environmental threats, and even porch theft and vandalism! Together, we can create a complete security plan to keep you, your home, and your family as safe and secure as possible.