When it comes to securing any property, we have a few goals in mind. For example, we always want to secure any business against the threat of a fire. Life safety remains paramount in any and all security plans that we create. Additionally, we want to create the proper levels of access within the building itself. Proper interior security can help control access and help stave off employee theft. Last but certainly not least, when business owners call us, they generally do so with the purpose of keeping the wrong people out of their building. In this post, we’ll share some ways that we go about creating barriers to entering your business!

First, we’ll show you how to create the type of exterior security that makes it hard for anyone to enter your business undetected. From there, we’ll shift our attention to maintaining quality locking hardware. This will greatly increase your odds of keeping thieves out of your building. Then, we’ll look at the importance of creating solid key security. After all, even the best locks fail when the wrong person gets a key. Finally, we’ll explain how you can create an alarm system that stops criminals before they enter your business. Now, let’s dive in with a look at setting up strong exterior security for your business.

Adding Proper Exterior Security

One of the biggest challenges of securing commercial buildings lies in their vulnerability. After all, commercial spaces sit absent for long periods of time during off-hours. Additionally, the size of these buildings and parking lots offer plenty of ways in, and plenty of places to seek shelter when looking for an entry point. Therefore, we recommend controlling access through the use of fences and “choke points” that people must go through in order to enter a property. For example, consider creating a limited number of well-lit areas that anyone must approach to enter your property. If possible, make these points of entry on well-traveled and highly-visible roads.

Multiple Mechanical Medeco Locks

The Medeco line of  commercial locks can help secure your property by making your doors nearly impossible to breach.

Finally, installing cameras to monitor the outside of your property also goes a long way towards creating barriers to entering your business. Taking this measure can help you solve any crime that does occur on or around your property. Furthermore, thieves spotting cameras will find themselves that much more likely to choose another target. This rings especially true if you follow the steps listed above to create limited points of entry onto your property. The less attractive you make your business to approach, the more security and peace of mind you will experience. Now, let’s move on to another important aspect of commercial security in the form of installing proper locking hardware.

Choosing Effective Door Hardware

All of us have heard the old adage that “you get what you pay for.” This sentiment runs especially true in the security industry. Many customers express surprise at how much the quality of lock hardware varies. In fact, lock hardware quality varies so much that the industry uses a three-point grading system designed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) to measure a lock’s quality!

Lock manufacturers often seek out ANSI/BHMA certification for their product lines. This certification involves putting locks through tests meant to gauge factors such as bolt strength, security, the ability to withstand impact and force, and quality of finish, among others. Allegion, one of the biggest global providers of security products, provides this helpful guide to door hardware testing. The lowest-quality hardware receives a “Grade 3” designation, with the best scoring in at Grade 1. As you can probably guess, Grade 2 falls right in the middle. We always prefer installing grade 1 locks, such as our preferred lock products made by Medeco.

Unfortunately, many locks fall under Grade 2 or even 3 quality standards. Burglars can easily pick these locks, or drill them to gain access to your property. Before purchasing locks, look at the packaging to see if you can determine what grade of lock you are buying. If you cannot find this information, assume that you are holding a Grade 3 lock. We recommend installing a lock that will last longer while also providing more security. Next up, let’s look at another lock-related form of commercial security in the form of key-based security!

Creating Proper Key Security

As we pointed out before, your door hardware will still fail you if you don’t have proper key control. Therefore, we have a couple ways to address this issue. For starters, a few select lock manufacturers offer key-control systems that do not allow unauthorized individuals to copy keys at all! In fact, our Medeco customers experience the security this type of system provides. When someone comes into our office to copy a Medeco key, we ask for identification. If the ID provided doesn’t match the list of authorized individuals created by our customer, we refuse to copy the key. Furthermore, we also document and number every key we cut for you under these systems. This makes it simple to track the keys that you provide employees, while remaining assured that employees that leave have not made extra key copies that allow them to come back uninvited.

As an even more advanced form of key control, you can also install access control systems that help you control access to your business without the use of keys. These systems use electronic locking hardware, in conjunction with a main control panel and proximity readers. When presented with a proper credential in the form of a keyfob or card, each reader will communicate with the panel to unlock the door using the hardware we’ve installed on it. This grants employess access without the use of keys.

Additionally, you can also grant different employees access to different doors based on security protocols. This means that some doors will open for individual employees, while some will not. Finally, the software that comes with these systems also tracks access as well! If someone attempts to use their credential to enter an “off-limits” area, your system will notify you. Access control systems represent one of the tops methods of creating barriers to entering your business! Let’s now turn our attention to adding a burglar alarm that can effectively secure your building.

A Northeast Security Solutions yard sign.

A monitored security system can create an audible and visual notification upon activation, along with a police dispatch when necessary.

Installing an Alarm that Activates Before a Breach

Installing a monitored burglar alarm should sit at or near the top of any complete commercial security plan. Upon activation, these alarms create a blaring siren response to alert anyone on site — as well as the burglar — about the detection of a breach. If desired, this alarm response can also include the activation of indoor and outdoor sounders and strobes. After all, the greater the commotion, the greater the chance that the burglar flees! Additionally, your alarm will also call out to our central station. In turn, this response also creates a police dispatch when necessary.

Unfortunately, some security system designs fail to take full advantage of the technology at our disposal. For example, many businesses rely on motion detectors to secure large areas. These sensors only activate after someone has already entered your building. Instead, we recommend installing sensors that catch a breach before it occurs. For example, individual window sensors can secure offices much more proactively than motion detectors. Glass break detectors represent a great way to secure areas with picture windows as well! Finally, we even offer outdoor motion detectors to help secure areas that burglars may traverse when approaching your property. We’ve worked with over a thousand customers to create the most effective alarm designs possible for their unique application.

Putting it All Together and Creating Barriers to Entering Your Business

We hope that this post illustrates to you how we help with creating barriers to entering to your business. Of course, if you have any questions at all, we encourage you to contact us. We will glady serve as a resource for any and all of your security needs. Moreover, we also invite you to take advantage of our free site survey program. We offer complimentary security walk-throughs and equipment quotes to businesses of all sizes. While on site, we can address your existing security concerns with a variety of solutions. Furthermore, we can also make suggestins of our own during our visit. Together, we can create a complete plan to keep your business, and everyone in it, as safe and secure as possible!