In previous posts, we’ve discussed the benefits of our preferred security panel, the QOLSYS IQ Panel 2. This alarm system includes many features that lead to the most simple, convenient customer experience possible. It also has many technology-related features that make it one of the most advanced alarm systems in the industry today. One of the most important features of this alarm panel is its software. This software goes through regular updates which allow your alarm panel to become even more powerful over time than it was when you installed it! In this post, we share some of the top security features recently added to this security panel.

We’ll begin with a quick recap of some of the QOLSYS IQ Panel 2’s existing security features. New features build off of old ones, so this recap will set us up for the updated features. From there, we’ll look at how the QOLSYS has made it more difficult than ever for burglars to use your alarm codes to disarm your security system without your knowledge. We’ll also look at some new sensors that work with the latest QOLSYS software. Finally, we’ll look at how the QOLSYS panel supports and incorporates popular smart video devices. Let’s begin by looking at some long-standing QOLSYS security features.

A Recap of Existing Advanced Security Features on the QOLSYS IQ Panel 2

Some of the updated features discussed in this article build on existing QOLSYS offerings. Therefore, it will prove useful to examine the types of security advances that have always been available for this alarm panel. One of the main concerns for alarm owners involves the wrong people using an active user code to disarm their security system. Once this happens, traditional security systems offer no solution to this occurrence. However, the QOLSYS IQ Panel 2 has a built-in camera that snaps an image as users disarm the alarm system! You may remember this feature from our post on Catching Unexpected Alarm Activity. Furthermore, QOLSYS has extended this feature to new heights with recent updates. We’ll discuss these new features shortly.

This panel also utilizes encrypted alarm sensors that keep security hackers at bay. A few months back, we created a post about Identifying and Defeating the Most Popular Burglary Tools. That post details how burglars can use electronic equipment to overload the security system’s wireless frequency, thereby blocking an alarm system’s contacts from communicating with the panel. Encrypted sensors do not allow these electronic devices, or “signal jammers,” onto their frequency to begin with. This renders an attempted jamming attack useless and adds security to your alarm system. We will examine a further advance in sensor technology a little later.

Finally, the QOLSYS IQ Panel 2 utilizes our cellular dialer, powered by, for central station communication. This means that your QOLSYS panel will remain monitored if your phones go down. It also means that you can control your security system remotely through a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This collection of features should give you an idea of the level of security this panel provides. Now, let’s dive into some of the new features available on our preferred security system.

Facial Recognition

As we mentioned, the QOLSYS IQ Panel 2 uses a camera to help you catch unauthorized use of your alarm codes. Unfortunately, this only helps you once you’ve returned to your alarm panel to look at the offender’s image. With this in mind, the newest versions of the QOLSYS software also uses the alarm’s camera to “remember” which individuals use which codes. If a new user disarms your alarm with an existing code, you can opt to receive an instant text message or push notification with the individual’s photo.

A QOLSYS Power G Series Contact in a Window

The QOLSYS Power G Series alarm contacts offer 4 times the wireless range of traditional security contacts.

This alert allows you to react immediately to this unexpected activity. If desired, you can even use your app to activate the alarm immediately. This will create both a police dispatch and, if desired, a blaring siren response to scare the perpetrator away. Obviously, this adds a tremendous amount of security to your home, as contractors or “friends of friends” who learn your alarm codes can no longer use them without you knowing. Now, let’s look at that QOLSYS sensor technology improvement we hinted at earlier.

Long-Range Security Sensors

As we mentioned in our recap of existing QOLSYS features, this panel utilizes encrypted sensors for additional security. More recently, QOLSYS has also created a line of long-range wireless sensors for use with this panel. Called the “Power G” Series, these sensors work with the QOLSYS IQ Panel 2 with the latest software update. These sensors offer 4 times the wireless range of traditional wireless alarm sensors! That makes this series ideal for larger houses or businesses. Power G series sensors also work well for adding security to detached garages or sheds. Now, let’s take at how QOLSYS updates have helped the panel integrate popular smart home video devices.

Live View of Smart Cameras

If you remember our 7 Important Security System Add-ons for Your Smart Home, you’ll recall how installing smart cameras can add security to your home. These cameras provide a live look-in to your home on a smartphone, computer, or tablet at any time. Additionally, smart cameras also record motion-based video clips that you can reference later in the case of an incident at your home. Finally, smart cameras allow you to set up alerts to catch specific actions in your home. For example, you may expect a group of workers to show up between 9 and 10am one morning. You can create an alert on your front door camera to send a live clip for any motion detected during this timeframe. This allows you to monitor the contractors’ arrival and make sure they get there when expected.

The newest QOLSYS update allows users to view their smart cameras from the QOLSYS panel itself. This adds even more convenience to these already-versatile security devices. For example, maybe you have kids playing the in the backyard while you cook dinner. Simply set your backyard camera’s live stream up on your alarm panel and you can monitor them the entire time. The non-permanent nature of the QOLSYS panel makes this a particularly useful feature. Many QOLSYS customers simply plug in their alarm panel anywhere they find convenient. This allows users to move their panel from room to room while monitoring their cameras and completing household tasks! Let’s look at one more video-related security device made more powerful by QOLSYS updates.

A QOLSYS IQ Panel 2 with an image from a smart doorbell

The latest QOLSYS software upgrade allows homeowners to use their alarm panel to answer and even unlock doors that have doorbell cameras and smart locks installed.

Live Answer Features for Doorbell Cameras

We included installing doorbell cameras in our 6 Ways to Improve Your Door Security. These cameras allow you to speak to visitors who ring your doorbell through your smartphone. If someone doesn’t ring the doorbell but merely snoops or even swipes a package from your porch? Your doorbell camera will record a video of the incident to help you identify the culprit! The additional convenience and security these devices bring make them a popular addition to any homeowner’s security measures.

Now, thanks to the latest QOLSYS updates, you can also use your alarm panel to view your doorbell cameras and talk to visitors!  Furthermore, if you have compatible smart locks installed at the same doors as your video doorbells, you can even use your QOLSYS IQ Panel 2 touchscreen to unlock your door for visitors after seeing who rang the doorbell. This collection of features makes video doorbell compatibility an especially useful new QOLSYS feature.

Putting it All Together

More than ever, alarm customers expect a convenient and technology-driven security experience. We hope that this post has shown you how the QOLSYS IQ Panel 2 delivers on these expectations. If you have any questions about the material here, we encourage you to contact us. Maybe you have an alarm system in place but wish to upgrade to the latest and greatest technology. Or perhaps you’re just dipping your pool into the alarm system waters and want to get off to the right start. Either way, we would be happy to provide a free site survey to evaluate your security needs. Together, we can use the most advanced security equipment available to keep you, your loved ones, and your most valued possessions as safe and secure as possible.