Alarm Maintenance Tips

Any time we install a monitored burglar alarm system, we work with customers to help them keep their security working for years and years to come. Unfortunately, many customers take a “set it and forget it” approach to keeping their alarm operational. We always install security equipment designed to withstand daily use and operational wear…

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Finding the Right Safe

A safe with a mechanical lock

Out of all of the security products we offer, safes have a special place due to their ability to secure our customers’ valuables. Safes create a valuable last line of defense against burglars on your property. They can also create security against fires and natural disasters as well. Moreover, they can even provide a safe…

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Access Control Options

When we secure a business, we take several apporaches to block and track access to your building. Installing a burglar alarm and cameras goes a long way towards detecting unwanted “visitors” to your property. However, these measures also fail to address certain important business security concerns. For example, burglar alarms do not block entry to…

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Monitored Commercial Fire Security

Installing commercial fire alarms has long remained one of the most important facets of our company’s security offerings. These systems notify anyone in a business to a potential fire emergency. Moreover, they also create a fire department dispatch. This can save your business and, in some cases, even the lives of anyone in it during…

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Commercial Door Hardware Options

If you’ve kept up with our blog, you know that we’ve delivered complete security integration for the past 35 years. Our products include all manner of both mechanical and electronic security equipment. However, we often surprise customers when we tell them that our company started as a locksmith shop. Before delving into the technology that…

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Security Inspection Requirements

A hand holding a paper that reads "Inspection Passed"

Part of our job as security providers involves making sure that we follow local codes and legal guidelines when we install security equipment. However, our commercial customers still have some work to do after this happens in order to maintain their equipment. In fact, local codes dictate that several types of security equipment receive annual…

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Creating Multiple-Partition Security

A Networx 148-E Keypad

Over our 35 years in business, we’ve secured homes and businesses of all shapes and sizes, and for all purposes. Additionally, we’ve used every tool at our disposal to create the most efficient and effective security possible. In fact, we often surprise our customers with the way we can use our resources to both add…

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Commercial Camera Installation Tips

A sign reading "Warning: Security Cameras in Use"

We’ve long touted commercial surveillance cameras as one of the most effective types of commercial security available. Installing a camera system gives you the ability to review any footage of illegal or suspicious activity that takes place on your property. Furthermore, it also provides a deterrent to criminals considering targeting your property. After all, thieves…

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Identifying Security Trouble Spots

When we work with customers to create security plans, we aim to help them “think like a criminal.” This allows us to design a plan that fits their needs as closely as possible. Unfortunately, every property has security trouble spots, due to several potential factors. In this post, we will share some of these spots,…

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Alarm Notification Options

A Northeast Security Solutions yard sign.

When potential customers contact us about installing a security system, they always want to know what happens after an alarm. While many of us have seen depictions of alarm events in our entertainment, most people have never experienced an alarm activation in person. We often surprise customers when we inform them that we actually have…

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