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Signs You Need a Security Upgrade


The past couple decades have seen huge advances in the way people use technology in their homes and businesses. These advances have made customers expect more from the products they buy. Everyone expects top performance from the electronic items that they purchase. Furthermore, people have upgraded their televisions, doorbells, lights, locks, and other appliances in […]

Creating an Effective Master Key System


As locksmiths, we pride ourselves in helping customers identify and install the best door hardware for their security needs. You may recall our post on Choosing the Right Commercial Lock Equipment. In that post, we shared the benefits of several different types of locking hardware. Selecting the right hardware can greatly enhance security in your […]

Your Daylight Saving Security Checklist


The changing of the clocks this past weekend represents the near-end of winter and the beginning of longer days. Baseball season is around the corner, and pretty soon the air will be filled with the sound of birds and playing children. Unfortunately, warmer weather also brings with it an increase in crime. The opportunity for […]

Key-Free Lock Control for Your Business


Now more than ever, businesses look to control access to their buildings through means other than giving out keys. Finding ways to create key-free lock control can add security in many ways. First and foremost, giving out too many keys can lead to issues down the road. Former employees may end up having access to […]

Improving Parking Lot Security


We’ve addressed commercial security in several previous posts. Our Security Measures to Improve Employee Security looked at commercial security through the lens of adding personal safety for workers. Our posts on Choosing the Right Commercial Lock Equipment focuses maintaining physical security by choosing the proper locks. Finally, our post on Interactive Commercial Security Monitoring examines […]