Security Audit ReviewWe’ve been in this business a long time. We know what the bad guys will try and we know how intruders can rob a home or drain a company of profits. During our FREE and confidential 58-point Security Audit we look at your place the same way a burglar would. We'll show you the most cost effective effective solution to plug up your weaknesses.

Our security audit looks at the characteristics of your property such as:

  • the size of your shrubbery
  • the details of how your door latches are screwed together
  • how comprehensive your fire protection is
  • how your exit doors would perform in an actual emergency
  • how well your cameras see in low light areas
  • and much more


You'll get a complete report card with no obligation to purchase anything. Your report remains confidential and none of your information goes beyond us. We are experienced, insured, and have a reputation built on discretion. (We can even come in an unmarked vehicle, if you wish.)

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So now is the time to open your eyes to seeing what your security is REALLY like. If it’s good, we’ll tell you! And if it needs improvement, we’ll provide recommendations. If you’d like a quote on any products and services, we’ll be glad to give you that, too. But regardless of what you decide to do, the Security Audit is free.

To sign up for your Free and Confidential Security Audit, call us today at 413-SECURITY (413-732-8748) or simply go to the Contact Us page and fill out the short request form.

Note: Audits must be performed in our regular service territory.

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