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Residential Security Services

Residential Security Services:

Securing your home is a process that is accomplished through a layering approach; in other words, creating multiple barriers and safeguards to thwart or catch a potential burglar. Unless a burglar is targeting you specifically because of a familiarity between you and the burglar, most of this type of crime is random and occurs through chance opportunity. The burglar is looking for the easiest and quickest way to score cash or other valuables. This is why you want to make your home look as unappealing as possible to a potential burglar.

It starts with simple things on the outside of you home such as keeping landscaping short and sparse to not have any places a burglar could hide while he attempts entry, as well as having the outside of your home brightly lit at night. Dogs can act as a deterrent but dogs are also loving family members that often end up injured if a burglar decides to move forward with a burglary attempt while the animal is home. Yard signs and window decals alerting the potential burglar to security measures you have in place will hopefully force him to move on to another target. If he or she decides to attempt entry anyways, you'll want additional security measures.

The next layer of security measures comes in the form of door locks, which attempt to slow down and hopefully prevent a burglar from gaining entry to the home. If the locks are compromised, a burglar alarm system notifies the police to alert them of the situation and hopefully catch the burglar. While the police are on the way, safes protect your most valuable items as well as sensitive paperwork. Finally, surveillance cameras record the events that take place to provide the highest possibility of a burglar's conviction and the hopeful return of any stolen items.

We offer a wide array of these security products to protect any house, apartment, or condominium. In addition, we don't use "cookie cutter" systems like the national brands; we will create a solution that is customized to your exact location. Click on the above products to learn more about specific products.

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