Northeast Security Solutions has a proven track record of excellent customer service, which even gets the attention of our competitors. As a result, we are frequently approached about acquisitions of other local security companies interested in joining our family. Below is the history of the companies that we have acquired to increase our customer base:

Acquisitions History:

  • Custom Lock & Alarm - October 1997
    • Pioneer Lock & Alarm (a division of Custom Lock & Alarm)
  • DTI Security - September 2003
  • Atwood Fire & Security Logo Color(Formerly Atwood Corporation and Atwood Fire Equipment) - February 2007
      • Ace Alarm (a division of Atwood Corporation)
  • Jerome Electric - March 2009
  • New England Central Security Systems - June 2009
  • Sure Lock Homes - March 2011
  • Landry Lock & Alarm Logo Color - March 2015


- December 2022

Interested in Selling Your Alarm Company?

If you are the owner of a locksmith company, an alarm company, a systems integration company, or any other security hardware related company and are looking to cash in on your investment, we would love to talk to you. We have a strong history of navigating the buyout process and we have access to the capital necessary to continue to grow. We can be a confidential resource to help you whether you are ready to sell or just looking to plan for the future. Contact Us and ask to speak to our company President David Condon to start the conversation.


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