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commercial buiding“A picture speaks a thousand words!” As a Security Manager in today’s business environment, the important concerns are physical inventory losses, employee safety and employee supervision. Commercial Surveillance Cameras, or Closed Circuit Television (CCTV as it is sometimes referred to within the security industry) allows you to monitor specific areas of your business without having to physically be right there. Being able to view many areas at once cuts down your workload and saves thousands of dollars a year in labor and inventory losses. Whether you are monitoring an office building, parking lot, warehouse or observing a casino -- anywhere a watchful eye is needed, Northeast Security Solutions, Inc. has the right system design for you.

What is right for me?

There are many manufacturers of closed circuit television systems in the market today. How do you choose which is correct for you? Northeast Security Solutions, Inc. has researched the industry to identify ways to save you time and money. A recent survey in the Closed Circuit Television industry noted that 87% of purchasers did not have their visual expectations met after their systems had been installed. One call to us, and we will help you design a system that will meet your expectations.

There are many things to be considered when choosing a camera system:

  • Is there enough light in the area to be monitored?
  • How wide-angle a lens do you need, or should you use a zoom lens with tilt and pan?
  • How much of this information do you want to record?
  • Is the system expandable as your future needs grow?
  • How much recording time do you need: 2 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours, 168 hours?
  • Do you need a digital recorder with 31 days of recording?
  • Do you need continuous recording, or do you need a “smart” recorder that is trained to record only a moving intruder (and not be distracted by trees, window curtains, or other moving items)?
  • Today’s control center can be run from a single desktop computer; how powerful a system you need?
  • What are the legal aspects with using the information you have recorded?
  • Can you reprimand or fire an employee with this information?
  • Can you use this information to prosecute a shoplifter or criminal?

Northeast Security Solutions, Inc. has the experience to help you answer these questions. Please contact us today!

Liability Reduction


gavelLiability reduction from customers and workers compensation insurance are other areas CCTV can save you time and money. Disputing liability claims from fraudulent customers can be done quickly and inexpensively if you can show proof of the event as it really happened. Employees’ claims for fraudulent injuries on the job can also be disproved with proper recording of the event. Good employees appreciate the surveillance because it proves them innocent of any wrongdoing. We have heard of countless situations from our satisfied customers whose CCTV systems have saved them time and money. Whether your needs are indoor, outdoor, off-site or discreet monitoring of certain areas, Northeast Security Solutions, Inc. has the solution for you.

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