Why Do Alarm Owners Cancel Service?


We’ve mentioned the importance of monitoring your security system in several of our blog posts. However, almost all of us know someone who has gotten frustrated and cancelled this service. In fact, the frequency with which this happens scares many potential customers away from installing an alarm at all! In this post, we share some […]

Connecting Your Home Security Devices


Over the past several years, we’ ve written several posts describing our home security offerings. As a one-shop stop for all your security needs, we regularly educate homeowners on their many security options. Additionally, we like to make your security equipment as easy as possible to use. For starters, we strive to select the most […]

Making Security as Affordable as Possible


In many of our posts, we encourage readers to purchase solid, “built-to-last” security equipment. The old adage that you get what you pay for rings especially true in this industry. Customers can purchase cameras, burglar and fire alarm equipment, and lock hardware at varying prices and levels of quality. Unsurprisingly, those that choose products on […]

False Alarm Causes and Solutions


Quite a while ago, we created a post aimed at Tackling Ten Common Home Security Myths. We designed that post to ease the fears that many customers feel when considering an alarm installation. One of these “myths” that we hear most about revolve around the inevitability of false alarms. Of course, false alarms do happen, […]

Security System “Do’s” and “Don’ts”


When home or business owners sit down to design a security system, they often find themselves overwhelmed. After all, the security industry consists largely of products that consumers know very little about. Unlike car or furniture shopping, alarm shopping is often done by customers who do not know much about their options or preferences. Furthermore, […]

Benefits of High-Security Door Hardware


We at Northeast Security Solutions find pride in our ability to provide customers with a variety of security products and services. As full security integrators, we describe ourselves as a “one stop shop” for our customers’ security needs. As such, we often see what areas of security customers focus on the most and which areas […]

5 Important Spring Security Tips


At Northeast Security Solutions, we’ve seen how every season brings its own unique security concerns. For example, our Keys to Winter Security included holiday and travel-related security tips. In this post, we share some important tips for adding spring security to your property. We’ll start with a look at including security maintenance in your spring […]

Surveillance Camera Upgrade Tips

A yellow sign with a black camera

As we’ve pointed out in multiple posts on this site, security technology changes rapidly. Specifically, the race to create the latest and greatest seems to affect the surveillance side of our industry quite heavily. Over the past decade, changes in camera technology have created multiple security benefits. For starters, more powerful cameras allow for more […] Commercial Security Features


For the past several years, we’ve used our cellular dialer powered by as our preferred alarm monitoring method. Cellular monitoring allows us to monitor customers’ security systems without the use of traditional phone lines. This allows us to offer unique security benefits. For starters, our customers can cancel their phone service without affecting […]