Home Security Risks Alarm Customers Often Overlook


We’ve addressed a couple areas of the home that raise specific security concerns in our posts over the last couple months. We’ve addressed Bedroom Security, Basement Security, and Home Office Security in detail. Our customers tend to focus their attention on high-risk or high-use areas such as these. In this post, we focus on areas of the house that […]

Tackling Ten Common Home Security Myths


A few months back we provided some Important Questions to Ask Security System Providers. In that post, we aimed to clear up some of the more confusing aspects of buying a home security system. However, homeowners have to do more than just compare one security company to another when considering home security. They must also […]

5 Important Autumn Security Tips


As we discussed in our Vacation Security To-Do List, every season brings its own unique security concerns. Summer means long days, warm weather, and houses left vacant during family vacations. The fall, meanwhile, means arriving home after sunset, and trees that transition from colorful to bare. It also brings the return of sweater weather, and Halloween preparations […]

Important Back-to-School Security Tips


Back-to-school season is upon us. Classes in many local schools have swung back into session this week. As the last heat wave of the summer fades, we want to provide you with some back-to-school security tips. Every time of year brings its own unique security concerns. In our Vacation Security To-Do List, we discussed safety tips for […]

Common-Sense Measures for Exterior School Safety


As back-to-school season ramps up, so too do security efforts from school districts. We get several calls from school administrators to complete last-minute security preparations as the summer winds down. In last year’s post on Why Security Professionals Oppose Classroom Barricades, we look at classroom security. Specifically, we examine the debate over quick-fix classroom barricades. These devices have gained […]