Creating an Effective Master Key System


As locksmiths, we pride ourselves in helping customers identify and install the best door hardware for their security needs. You may recall our post on Choosing the Right Commercial Lock Equipment. In that post, we shared the benefits of several different types of locking hardware. Selecting the right hardware can greatly enhance security in your […]

Your Daylight Saving Security Checklist


The changing of the clocks this past weekend represents the near-end of winter and the beginning of longer days. Baseball season is around the corner, and pretty soon the air will be filled with the sound of birds and playing children. Unfortunately, warmer weather also brings with it an increase in crime. The opportunity for […]

5 Surprising Items That Burglars Target


Many people have a general idea of what to secure in case of a burglary. For example, our Holiday Home Security Wish List pointed out the need to hide evidence of expensive electronics. Burglars can turn these items around for quick cash after leaving your home. Additionally, the section of our site devoted to residential […]

Key-Free Lock Control for Your Business


Now more than ever, businesses look to control access to their buildings through means other than giving out keys. Finding ways to create key-free lock control can add security in many ways. First and foremost, giving out too many keys can lead to issues down the road. Former employees may end up having access to […]

Improving Car Security at Home

An open garage with an cell phone display indicating that the garage has been left open

When designing a home security plan, we often ask customers about the belongings or valuables they most wish to secure. The overwhelming majority of them cite their car as the possession they could least afford to lose or have vandalized. Unfortunately, many families often create home security plans that do not adequately address secure their […]

Northeast Security Solutions, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Dynamark Security Centers

Dynamark logo

Tolland, Connecticut – Northeast Security Solutions of West Springfield, Massachusetts is proud to announce that we have completed the acquisition of Dynamark Security Centers of Tolland, Connecticut, which will now operate as a subsidiary. Dynamark Security Centers is a locally owned and operated company founded in 1985 by Mr. Michael Casieri that specializes in burglar […]

Security System Arming Options


As we pointed out in our post Tackling Ten Common Home Security Myths, many people get overwhelmed when tasked with using a security system. Of course, any new technology can feel intimidating. Additionally, security systems carry their own reputation for being difficult. When many people think about security systems, they think of beeps, numbered buttons, […]

Date Night Security for Parents


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, romance is in the air and couples are planning their special night out. Of course, for parents, date nights can get complicated to arrange. This goes for both major nights out like Valentine’s Day as well as casual dinner-and-movie dates any other outings that parents plan throughout the year. […]

A Burglar’s Checklist


A couple months back, we create a post Investigating Unexpected Burglary Methods. In that post, we examined how to prepare even for the unexpected ways burglars commit a crime. Homeowners are often surprised to learn of — sometimes firsthand — the creative ways that criminals work. We always hope to educate our customers about these […]