Using Your Alarm to Secure Your Windows

By Ryan Bell / May 19, 2022 / Comments Off on Using Your Alarm to Secure Your Windows

Last week we created a post designed to help create Residential Door Security. In that post, we share several options to help customers achieve this important goal. This week, we turn our focus to another important area of home security. Windows can provide surprisingly easy access to your home for burglars if not properly secure.…

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Creating Residential Door Security

By Ryan Bell / May 12, 2022 / Comments Off on Creating Residential Door Security

When we provide security audits for our residential customers, we often begin with some ideas to increase door security. Of course, doors provide the easiest and quickest means of entry into any home. This goes for residents, guests, and — unfortunately — for burglars as well. Therefore, we recommend taking extra care to make sure…

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Securing Against Inside Jobs

By Ryan Bell / May 5, 2022 / Comments Off on Securing Against Inside Jobs

When customers come to us to install security equipment, they generally want to stop burglars from entering their property. Whether securing a home or a business — or both — people usually think of outsiders as the greatest threat to their security. However, at times the biggest danger to our customers’ security comes in a…

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Cost-Effective Home Security

By Ryan Bell / April 28, 2022 / Comments Off on Cost-Effective Home Security

As a local security provider, we work with our customers to help them find the security equipment that best suits their needs. Of course, doing this helps make the alarms we install as effective as possible. However, careful alarm design also has another, often-unexpected benefit. Choosing the security products and system design that fits you…

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Child-Proof Home Security Measures

By Ryan Bell / April 20, 2022 / Comments Off on Child-Proof Home Security Measures

When we work with families to create complete security plans, we do so with full family security in mind. Of course, we always aim to secure families against the threat of burglary and fire-related emergencies. Additionally, we also want to provide security against other safety threats. For example, keeping children away from pools, medicine cabinets,…

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Weatherproof Home Security Measures

By Ryan Bell / April 15, 2022 / Comments Off on Weatherproof Home Security Measures

When customers come to us for help installing security measures, they usually have certain objectives in mind. For example, customer frequently look to deter crime by installing locks, cameras, and home alarm equipment. Additionally, in the case of cameras, these devices can also help solve any crime that does occur. While working with customers to…

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Your Video Monitoring Services Primer

By Ryan Bell / April 8, 2022 / Comments Off on Your Video Monitoring Services Primer

As a complete one-stop security shop, we provide an entire arsenal of residential and commercial security services. Surveillance has long represented one of our most popular and effective security measures. Installing cameras provides customers with both real-time and recorded video of their property. Additionally, the mere presence of cameras acts as a deterrent to crime.…

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Maintaining Your Smoke and CO Detection

By Ryan Bell / March 31, 2022 / Comments Off on Maintaining Your Smoke and CO Detection

If you’ve read our blogs regularly, you’ve likely noticed that we frequently discuss the benefits of adding monitored smoke and carbon monoxide (or “CO”) detection to your property. Whether you own a home or business, this equipment provides some important security features. For starters, monitored fire security equipment creates a fire department dispatch upon detecting…

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Commercial Remote Lock Control Options

By Ryan Bell / March 24, 2022 / Comments Off on Commercial Remote Lock Control Options

Several months ago, we created a post assisting readers in Choosing the Right Commercial Lock Equipment. In that post, we share some information to help our commercial customers choose the most effective locks possible. This includes a look at several different types of commercial lock hardware and technologies. Additionally, that post also explores both mechanical…

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Advanced Camera Use Tips

By Ryan Bell / March 18, 2022 / Comments Off on Advanced Camera Use Tips

If you’ve kept up with our blog over the years, you know that we always champion the security benefits of both commercial and residential security cameras. After all, surveillance systems provide multiple forms of security. For starters, a visible surveillance presence can deter crime from occurring on your property at all. Potential criminals spotting cameras…

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