Home Security Tips for Holiday Shopping Season


Now more than ever, holiday shopping season begins as soon as we enter November. As pointed out by this local WWLP article, some stores began running holiday specials before Halloween this year! More than any other time of year, the holidays deserve taking special security precautions. The combination of family travels and gift-giving create a […]

5 Surprising Home Security System Benefits


We’ve spent several blog posts discussing how to maximize the security offered by home alarm systems. Our post on Smart Security System Design, in particular, covers the basics of designing an the most effective security system possible. At this point, most potential customers understand the benefit to installing monitored burglary and fire equipment as part […]

New Features for the QOLSYS IQ Panel 2


In previous posts, we’ve discussed the benefits of our preferred security panel, the QOLSYS IQ Panel 2. This alarm system includes many features that lead to the most simple, convenient customer experience possible. It also has many technology-related features that make it one of the most advanced alarm systems in the industry today. One of […]

Adding Halloween Security to Your Home


As the fall air turns crisper and the days grow shorter, spooky Halloween decorations have begun popping up on stores and in front lawns. This time of year means plenty of candy and parties for kids and adults alike. However, some people take the “trick” in “trick or treat” a little too seriously. Most Halloween […]

Catching Unexpected Alarm Activity


Our recent post on Following the Latest Home Security Trends points out some ways in which modern burglar alarms differ from those of the past. Reading that post makes it easy to see how technology has made alarm systems more intuitive and powerful than ever. Modern alarm systems make it easier to provide the level […]

How to Avoid Security System Scams


Several months ago, we created a post detailing Important Questions to Ask Security System Providers. We provided that post in part because shopping for security systems can prove uniquely stressful. Many alarm companies use fear tactics and shady business models to pressure customers into doing business with them. In some cases, the services customers signed […]

Improving Living Room Security in Your Home


In previous posts, we’ve focused on addressing security needs specific to different areas of the home. Recently, we examined Kitchen Security Measures for Your Home. Going back further, we also featured a post on Bedroom Security, as well as security tips for your Basement and Home Office. As a measure of adding exterior security, we […]

5 Tips for Better Vacation Home Security


As summer turns to fall, people with vacation homes begin to pack up and head back to their full-time residence. Our Vacation Security Checklist pointed out some unique security needs that come with leaving your home empty during vacation season. Likewise, leaving your vacation home empty as vacations wind down also creates security issues that […]

Minimizing Loss from a Home Break-In

Burglary crime - burglar opening a door

Each year, the FBI tracks extensive statistics for crimes occurring in the United States. In addition to tallying the number of offenses, they also track the damage done by the crimes themselves. In 2017, the latest year for which detailed statistics are available, the average burglary costs property owners $2,416. At Northeast Security Solutions, we […]