Springtime Security Tips


At Northeast Security Solutions, we pride ourselves on creating individualized security plans. Instead of choosing a “one-size-fits-all” approach to security, we attempt to address customers’ individual security needs. Long-term security strategies differ from family to family. Similarly, customers’ short-term security strategies should also shift based on outside factors.  The time of year plays one of […]

A Primer on Commercial Lever Functions


Several weeks ago, we shared a post about Choosing the Right Commercial Lock Equipment. In that post, we discussed the various types and qualities of commercial lock equipment available. However, we did not at all go into choosing the proper lever functions for your doors. Manufacturers create levers that accomplish many different goals. As locksmiths, […]

Our Top Security Tips for Home Sellers


This week marks the first week of Spring after a cold and dark New England winter. The first hint of warmer weather brings with it thoughts of baseball season, cookouts, and outdoor sports and games. Spring also marks the time when potential sellers get serious about putting their home on the market. Last year, we […]

Using to Add Child Security to Your Home


A month or so ago, we posted about New Features that can add security to your home. We’ve long pointed out the added security and convenience that comes with monitoring your alarm system with an interactive cellular dialer. Our preferred cellular dialer is powered by, so we can offer all of the services that offers. That […]

Adding Life Safety to Your Burglar Alarm


Many people think of security systems as “burglar alarms” rather than a way to add life safety. Indeed, security systems add a great amount of theft deterrence to any home. Alarm systems provide a shrieking siren response to an attempted burglary that often scares thieves away before they do any damage. Furthermore, a monitored security […]

Best Practices for Creating a Quick Alarm Response


When shopping for alarm systems, customers generally ask two different types of questions. The first type of question revolves around equipment offerings and installation advice. Our post on Smart Security System Design takes a good look at those aspects of security system installation. The second type of question has to do with how the central station and […]

Choosing the Right Commercial Lock Equipment


Most business owners spend a lot of time designing a security plan for their building. Burglar and fire alarm systems take a lot of thought and preparation to design and install effectively. The same goes for intercom systems, panic buttons, and other security measures. However, the same owners often place very little thought in selecting their commercial […]

New Features to Add Security

Several smart phones with apps open, showing security system and smart home controls

While hard to believe, in the not-so distant past burglar alarms required a traditional phone line for central station monitoring. Over the past couple decades or so, however, more and more homes count on cellular dialer monitoring for this service. As cell dialer technology improved, “interactive” cellular monitoring added even more security and convenience to […]

How Do Burglars Defeat Alarm Systems?


While many of our alarm customers hate to think about the prospect, homes with security systems still get broken into. Ideally, the presence of a home security system encourages potential thieves to look elsewhere for a victim. If not, you would hope the blaring siren and potential police response lessens the damage done during a […]

Cutting Down on Alarm Service Call Fees


As with many major purchases, customers often ask more about security system maintenance costs than installation costs. Similar to car shopping, security shopping requires looks at both short-term and long-term costs. We always strive to keep the long-term costs of owning an alarm system as low as possible. We know that alarm service call fees make up […]