Independence Day Security Tips

Every holiday brings about its own unique security concerns. However, perhaps none of these concerns loom larger than those related to the 4th of July. This year, we have an entire 3-day weekend to celebrate this holiday! In turn, this leads to more traveling and more gatherings than in most years. In this post, we […]

Internet-Based Security Measures


More and more frequently, technology-related products utilize the internet to add unique features. Unsurprisingly, the security industry has followed this trend over the past couple decades. Internet-based security measures allow our customers to easily control and communicate with their home security equipment. In this post, we will introduce you to some of our most popular […]

Proactive Home Security Tips


As security professionals, we always encourage customers to think ahead when it comes to their home security. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the calls we receive come after a family has experienced a crim-related issue or a break-in. Many families fail to fully consider and address security concerns until experiencing firsthand the result of poor […]

Tips for Securing Your Alarm


Burglar alarm systems make up one of the most effective means of home security on the market. These systems alert families and local authorities to potential break-ins, and even stop many burglaries from taking place at all. The blaring siren response to a door or window opening unexpectedly wakes up sleeping families and often scares […]

Motion Detector Installation Best Practices


Along with door and window sensors, motion detectors help make up the “core” of any alarm installation. These detectors can cover large areas of space within a home. Therefore, installing a small number of motion detectors often proves more efficient than installing dozens of window contacts. Additionally, these detectors can help detect activity that most […]

Securing Your Most Important Doors


We often call door hardware the “first line of defense” against burglars. This is because thieves often prefer to breach doors over other means of entrance. After all, burglars who can pick a lock quickly look much less suspicious than they would crawling through a window. Additionally, many property owners install extremely cheap lock hardware […]

Your Guide to Basic Fire Alarm Components

A red circle reading "Fire Alarm"

In our post on Required Security for New Businesses, we discuss the role of life safety on commercial properties. These systems obviously play an important role. After all, they help notify the people in businesses about potentially life-threatening emergencies. Furthermore, monitored fire alarms also create a fire department dispatch, which can help save your property […]

Creative Home Security System Options


When we design a home security system, we like to consider several different scenarios. Of course, burglar and life safety monitoring come first and foremost. However, we still have plenty of work left to do after addressing these factors. In fact, we often surprise customer with the wide variety of equipment we can install. This […]

Why Do Alarm Owners Cancel Service?


We’ve mentioned the importance of monitoring your security system in several of our blog posts. However, almost all of us know someone who has gotten frustrated and cancelled this service. In fact, the frequency with which this happens scares many potential customers away from installing an alarm at all! In this post, we share some […]