Required Security for New Businesses


As a small, family-owned business, at Northeast Security Solutions we understand the effort that goes into starting a new business venture. Of course, many aspiring business owners know all too well about the amount of work ahead of them. However, as with building anything from the ground up, things often come up that surprise new […]

Calculating the True Cost of an Alarm


A couple years ago, we wrote a post sharing 6 Imortant Questions to Ask Security System Providers. We created that post to attempt to help security shoppers navigate the issue of finding an alarm provider. After all, the variety of equipment and business models in the industry can overwhelm potential customers. As part of that […]

Security Threats Homeowners Overlook


When helping homeowners create a complete security plan, we attempt to work with them to “think like a criminal.” Unfortunately, homeowners often struggle to do this while designing their own home security. Of course, this makes complete sense on a very basic level. After all, our customers are not criminals! Therefore, they do not have […]

Tips to Add Images to Your Home Security


If you’ve followed our blogs over the last couple years, you know how capturing images of your property increases home security. Of course, home security systems do a great job scaring away intruders. Furthermore, monitored alarms even create a police dispatch if necessary. However, burglar alarm systems rarely lead to the capture of criminals. After […]

Security System Tips That Pay You Back!


At Northeast Security Solutions, we think of adding an alarm system as a worthy investment. Of course, the equipment and service comes at some cost to our customers. In return for the investment, security systems provide priceless security. Many of our customers have had dangerous fire, burglary, or environmental  emergencies diffused thanks to their alarm […]

Unique Commercial Security Features


If you’ve read our blog posts in the past, you know that we find security solutions for all different types of situations. Security does not fit a “one-size-fits-all” mold. Instead, different types of applications have their own challenges and solutions. One of the greatest differences in approaches lies in the difference between residential and commercial […]

Who Do I Call for Alarm Support?


Recently, we published a post answering the popular question “What Happens After My Alarm Goes Off?” In that post, we discussed how monitored alarm customers actually have two companies taking care of them. For starters, they have their alarm company. We sell, install, and service all of our customers’ alarms. Additionally, we connect our customers’ […]

Rental Property Security Tips


Several months ago, we created a post sharing some valuable Security Advice for Renters. In that post, we shared how renters can use different approaches to add non-intrusive security to their rental properties. This week, we share some security tips for those on the other side of the “renter/rentee” transaction. Here, we will share tips […]

The Most Popular Times for Burglaries


At Northeast Security Solutions, we recommend taking a proactive, rather than a reactive, approach to security planning. A big part of this approach lies in anticipating how criminals strike, and when. Our recent post sharing Proactive Alarm Design Tips will help you thwart burglars by designing an effective alarm system. However, security does not begin […]