Proactive Alarm Design Tips


As security system installers, we at Northeast Security Solutions know how often people look into installing our alarm-related products as a “reactive” measure. After all, many customers do not have the know-how to anticipate various security-related threats. Furthermore, we know that thinking about break-ins and emergency situations does not make up anybody’s favorite past time. […]

What Happens After My Alarm Goes Off?


Earlier this year, we created a post to serve as Your Guide to How Alarm Systems Work. In that post, we shared the “basics” behind alarm system operation and use. That overview included a helpful guide to the types of equipment we can add to alarm systems. It also included an overview of how our […]

Adding Monitored Fire Detection


Last week, we published a post sharing some Autumn Fire Security Tips for Your Home. In response, we’ve had some homeowners ask us how to add monitored fire detection in the first place. However, this question has more than one answer. We offer several solutions to help you monitor your home for fire and carbon-monoxide […]

Autumn Fire Security Tips for Your Home


While every season brings about a change from the last, the coming of autumn arguably represents more change then any other season. Summer vacations roll back into the school year. Days quickly get shorter, nights get chillier, and the trees produce breathtaking scenery for weekend drives. Fall also brings about prime season for cider and […]

Securing Your Security Equipment

If you’ve read any of our posts in this space, you know that we do our best to keep both existing and potential customers informed as to their security options. From long-term security standards to newly-available, cutting edge equipment, we want to educate people about their options to secure their property and even the lives […]

Signs You Need a Security Upgrade


The past couple decades have seen huge advances in the way people use technology in their homes and businesses. These advances have made customers expect more from the products they buy. Everyone expects top performance from the electronic items that they purchase. Furthermore, people have upgraded their televisions, doorbells, lights, locks, and other appliances in […]

Avoiding Lock Installation Mistakes


We often refer to locks as your “first line of defense” against crime. After all, locks secure your main entry points. Failing to secure your doors properly can render any additional security measures useless. Unfortunately, many home and business owners fail to follow best practices when choosing and installing their locks. Sometimes, this comes from […]

“Add-Ons” for Effective Video Surveillance

A sign reading "Warning, CCTV in Operation"

Video surveillance systems provide important security to our our commercial and residential customers alike. Cameras offer customers both live and recorded video of their property. This can provide a tremendous amount of peace of mind and security. Furthermore, cameras can provide a deterrent for potential criminals. Thieves on the prowl always remain more likely to […]

Security Lighting Tips for Your Home

As of this week, we’re officially past Labor Day weekend. This means the arrival of cooler, shorter days. In turn, shorter days also means extra cover for thieves looking to commit their crimes under the cover of nightfall. In this post, we share some tips to help you use security lighting to combat this risk. […]