How Do Burglars Defeat Alarm Systems?


While many of our alarm customers hate to think about the prospect, homes with security systems still get broken into. Ideally, the presence of a home security system encourages potential thieves to look elsewhere for a victim. If not, you would hope the blaring siren and potential police response lessens the damage done during a […]

Cutting Down on Alarm Service Call Fees


As with many major purchases, customers often ask more about security system maintenance costs than installation costs. Similar to car shopping, security shopping requires looks at both short-term and long-term costs. We always strive to keep the long-term costs of owning an alarm system as low as possible. We know that alarm service call fees make up […]

Five Tips for Security System Maintenance


In our post on Smart Security System Design, we examined the importance of making smart decisions while designing and installing a home alarm system.  However, keeping your home secure requires more than simply installing and alarm system. As with most important electronic products, giving your alarm occasional “check-ups” goes a long way. The basics of security system maintenance are […]

Unique Security Monitoring Options


When people think of security systems, they usually have a couple basic images in mind. The first is a burglar breaking into a building and activating sirens and lights that scare said burglar away. The second image revolves around the activation of security monitoring services. This one involves the police showing up at a crime scene after […]

Five Business Security Measures to Cut Your Insurance Costs


In previous posts, we’ve discussed how taking proactive security measures can lower insurance premiums for homeowners. For example, we wrote a post several months back answering the question, “Should I Have My Security System Monitored?” In that post, we pointed out that having your security system monitored can lower your insurance costs. In this post, […]

Do Fake Security Cameras Deter Criminals?

Dummy Camera

We’ve detailed in a few posts how the presence of surveillance equipment can act as a deterrent. Our Steps to Defeat Smart Criminals even discussed how the presence of cameras alone can deter crime. The mere threat of getting caught through recorded video can convince criminals to go elsewhere. Taking this line of logic one […]

Five Tips for Your Security System Upgrade


One of the most common requests we receive from customers is to receive a “security system upgrade.” While this may seem like a simple request, it could refer to many features or services. In general, a security system upgrade allows us to utilize existing alarm components while adding new equipment and features. People have several potential reasons to call us […]