A hand entering a code on a keypad

The Many Forms of Keypad Security

By Ryan Bell / March 20, 2023 / Comments Off on The Many Forms of Keypad Security

When you walk around any commercial property, and even some homes, you will likely see several keypads on the premises. These keypads can perform a wide variety of security-related functions for different types of security systems. In fact, many employees in any given business often do not know exactly which keypads do what within their…

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Why Do Alarms Fail?

By Ryan Bell / March 9, 2023 / Comments Off on Why Do Alarms Fail?

Over our 35 years in business, we’ve helped hundreds of customers design and install security systems that suit their unique security needs. We’ve long touted the importance of installing a burglar alarm as a cornerstone of any complete security plan. Equipping your home with a monitored security system marks one of the most important security…

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A structure reading "OPTIONS"

Remote Home Security Options

By Ryan Bell / March 3, 2023 / Comments Off on Remote Home Security Options

When it comes to designing home security, the effectiveness of the equipment we install sits right at the top of our priority list. However, we also value user experience similarly. After all, effective equipment that proves too difficult to use ends up getting ignored. At that point, of course, even the best security equipment turns…

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Choosing the Right Cameras

By Ryan Bell / February 23, 2023 / Comments Off on Choosing the Right Cameras

If you’ve followed this blog at all, you know how highly we think of surveillance cameras as an effective security measure. These cameras provide you with a few important types of security. For starters, they provide you with both live and recorded footage of your property at all times. This allows you to check on…

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Avoiding Security “Surprises”

By Ryan Bell / February 17, 2023 / Comments Off on Avoiding Security “Surprises”

When it comes to installing home security systems, we strive to create a simple and convenient experience. After all, when dealing with something as important as security, our customers generally do not welcome surprises. However, failing to take proper care when designing an alarm can lead to some unintended consequences. Therefore, we recommend taking some…

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A hand holding a paper that reads "Inspection Passed"

Security Inspection Requirements

By Ryan Bell / February 10, 2023 / Comments Off on Security Inspection Requirements

Part of our job as security providers involves making sure that we follow local codes and legal guidelines when we install security equipment. However, our commercial customers still have some work to do after this happens in order to maintain their equipment. In fact, local codes dictate that several types of security equipment receive annual…

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Alarm Monitoring for Cord-Cutters

By Ryan Bell / February 3, 2023 / Comments Off on Alarm Monitoring for Cord-Cutters

When we work with customers to create a home security plan, we always start with a monitored burglar alarm system. These security systems provide multiple layers of security. For starters, activation of the alarm creates a blaring siren response. This alerts anyone at home to the danger, and often scares the thief away as well.…

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Tips for Efficient Security Installation

By Ryan Bell / January 27, 2023 / Comments Off on Tips for Efficient Security Installation

When it comes to security, many homeowners have a “take it as it comes approach.” In other words, they address security issues one by one as they present themselves. Unfortunately, this approach fails on multiple levels. For one, waiting until issues arise means that the security has already failed. Of course, we recommend taking a…

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Designing An Effective Home Alarm

By Ryan Bell / January 20, 2023 / Comments Off on Designing An Effective Home Alarm

When we work with new customers to beef up home security, we always include the installation of a monitored burglar alarm. These systems provide multiple layers of security. First, they create a blaring siren response upon an alarm activation. This alerts anyone onsite of the issue, and often scares intruders away. Additionally, a monitored alarm…

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A Networx 148-E Keypad

Creating Multiple-Partition Security

By Ryan Bell / January 12, 2023 / Comments Off on Creating Multiple-Partition Security

Over our 35 years in business, we’ve secured homes and businesses of all shapes and sizes, and for all purposes. Additionally, we’ve used every tool at our disposal to create the most efficient and effective security possible. In fact, we often surprise our customers with the way we can use our resources to both add…

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