Security Equipment Shopping Advice


Over the last couple decades, we’ve seen the use and availability of technological devices skyrocket. During this period, industries built on technology have seen products similar to what they provide hit mainstream markets. Of course, the security industry does not provide any exception to this phenomenon. This recent local story from 22News points out the […]

Creating Pool Security


With Memorial Day just in our rearview mirror, we can safely say that pool season has begun. Families often spend the holiday weekend eating barbecue and enjoying the first of many of the summer’s poolside weekends. Of course, families with small children also acknowledge the need for extra security measures around their pools. According to […]

Avoiding Illegal Home Security Measures


If you read our Residential Smoke Alarm Requirements in Massachusetts, you know that local codes and laws go a long way in telling security companies what they can  and cannot do from a legal standpoint. Installing security equipment requires proper licensing and training, as well as knowledge of legal requirements for security installation. Unfortunately, we […]

A Primer on Carbon Monoxide Safety


Many call carbon monoxide the “silent killer,” and for good reason. Carbon monoxide, or “CO,” often goes unnoticed because it escapes detection from any of the senses. Unlike smoke, carbon monoxide has no visible appearance or smell. Also unlike smoke, it creates no taste when breathed in and would not irritate your skin. A recent […]

Improving Parking Lot Security


We’ve addressed commercial security in several previous posts. Our Security Measures to Improve Employee Security looked at commercial security through the lens of adding personal safety for workers. Our posts on Choosing the Right Commercial Lock Equipment focuses maintaining physical security by choosing the proper locks. Finally, our post on Interactive Commercial Security Monitoring examines […]

How Interactive Commercial Security Monitoring Can Add Security to Your Business


A few months back, we wrote a post examining Unique Security Monitoring Options. In that post, we briefly touched on the security benefits of interactive cellular monitoring. Simply put, monitoring your alarm through a cell dialer provides the most consistent security monitoring available. Traditional alarm monitoring utilizes a property’s phone lines for communication with the […]

Stopping False Alarms for Good


In our Best Practices for Creating a Quick Alarm Response, we highlighted how cutting down on false alarms can help you experience a quicker police response to your security system. Certain houses in a neighborhood occasionally “cry wolf” too many times. This can lead to police departments responding to other calls before checking on what […]

Springtime Security Tips


At Northeast Security Solutions, we pride ourselves on creating individualized security plans. Instead of choosing a “one-size-fits-all” approach to security, we attempt to address customers’ individual security needs. Long-term security strategies differ from family to family. Similarly, customers’ short-term security strategies should also shift based on outside factors.  The time of year plays one of […]