Burglar Alarm Siren Options

By Ryan Bell / July 28, 2023 / Comments Off on Burglar Alarm Siren Options

As a complete security integrator, we’ve long touted burglar alarms as one of the most powerful forms of security. These systems create a blaring onsite response to an activation. If monitored, they also create a central station response that can lead to a police dispatch if necessary. The combination of an immediate onsite notice to…

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An Alarm.com business security notification on a smartphone.

Interactive Commercial Security

By Ryan Bell / July 21, 2023 / Comments Off on Interactive Commercial Security

When it comes to securing your business, very few security measures work as well as a monitored burglar alarm. These important systems create multiple layers of security. For starters, alarm activation creates a blaring siren response throughout your business. This alerts anyone still on site to the breach, and usually chases the perpetrator away. Furthermore,…

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A fire extinguisher next to a yellow sign with a flame

Fire Extinguisher Installation and Maintenance

By Ryan Bell / July 14, 2023 / Comments Off on Fire Extinguisher Installation and Maintenance

If you’ve followed our blog at all, you know that we tout the importance of fire safety quite a bit. Few security measures have the ability to save lives in the manner of these important devices. Often, we focus on fire alarm equipment when we discuss fire safety. However, we also provide valuable equipment to…

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Creating Summer Security

By Ryan Bell / July 7, 2023 / Comments Off on Creating Summer Security

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, we’ve officially entered the heart of summer. We’ve begun to welcome warmer weather and longer days, as well as the advent of school vacations. However, these seasonal perks also bring about their own security concerns. The same positive attributes we’ve mentioned also leads to an increase in break-in…

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Commercial Intercom Security

By Ryan Bell / June 30, 2023 / Comments Off on Commercial Intercom Security

When it comes to adding both security and convenience to your business, few security endeavors can add as much as an intercom. These systems can allow you to easily vet visitors to your business before granting them access. In some cases, they even allow you to let them inside without getting up to unlock the…

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Alarm Maintenance Tips

By Ryan Bell / June 22, 2023 / Comments Off on Alarm Maintenance Tips

Any time we install a monitored burglar alarm system, we work with customers to help them keep their security working for years and years to come. Unfortunately, many customers take a “set it and forget it” approach to keeping their alarm operational. We always install security equipment designed to withstand daily use and operational wear…

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Smart Home Surveillance Tips

By Ryan Bell / June 16, 2023 / Comments Off on Smart Home Surveillance Tips

Over our 34 years in business, we’ve worked with over a thousand customers to design complete home security plans. From locks, to safes, to burglar alarms, we cover every aspect of security. However, perhaps no security measure provides as many layers of security as installing home cameras. Installing this security gives you “eyes” on your…

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A safe with a mechanical lock

Finding the Right Safe

By Ryan Bell / June 9, 2023 / Comments Off on Finding the Right Safe

Out of all of the security products we offer, safes have a special place due to their ability to secure our customers’ valuables. Safes create a valuable last line of defense against burglars on your property. They can also create security against fires and natural disasters as well. Moreover, they can even provide a safe…

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Cost-Efficient Security Measures

By Ryan Bell / June 2, 2023 / Comments Off on Cost-Efficient Security Measures

When it comes to security, we strongly believe in spending whatever it takes to secure your property correctly. However, we still believe in taking some common-sense steps to create this security in as cost-efficient a manner as possible. As a one-stop security shop, we’ve helped over a thousand customers with this endeavor over the last…

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Stopping Attempted Burglaries

By Ryan Bell / May 26, 2023 / Comments Off on Stopping Attempted Burglaries

When we install security equipment for our customers, we have a couple goals in mind. Of course, we always want to make sure any crime at your home creates an immediate reaction. In general, this should include both a blaring siren response and an automatic police dispatch. In addition to these things, we also want…

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