In order to ensure fast notification when an emergency happens, make sure you update your central station information when necessary. If you need to make a permanent or temporary change to your call list, you can call our central station directly.

Main Central Station


Update Your Central Station Information

What You'll Need: 

  •  Your Central Station Account number (located on your monitoring invoice)
  • Your Verbal Passcode

If you need help locating this information, Contact Us and we'll let you know how to get it.

If your Central Station account number starts with any of these prefixes, please call (800-932-3822):

  • 179-????
  • 680-????
  • 856-????
  • 977-????
  • N39-????

Other or Don't Know Your Account Number

If your Central Station account number doesn't match any of those prefixes listed, please Contact Us and we'll help you with making changes to your central station data.

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