When we work with families to create complete security plans, we do so with full family security in mind. Of course, we always aim to secure families against the threat of burglary and fire-related emergencies. Additionally, we also want to provide security against other safety threats. For example, keeping children away from pools, medicine cabinets, or even the front yard unattended has long remained one of our top security priorities. Moreover, we also want to install child-proof security equipment to secure against false alarms created by curious children. In this post, we share some child-proof home security measures that help accomplish these goals.

First, we’ll look at some lock hardware that makes it difficult for children to escpape your home unnoticed. From there, we’ll examine a couple alarm-related child safety measures. Specifically, we’ll share methods that we use to keep children from activating your alarm without warning. Additionally, we’ll show you how you can track your kids’ movements both inside and outside of your home. Finally, we’ll also take some time to share the benefits of installing smart cameras to keep eyes on your children. Now, let’s get started with a look at some “kid-resistant” lock hardware!

A Schlage turn bolt

Turn bolts, such as this model by Schlage, allow you to secure doors against both burglars and children attempting to escape!

Lock Hardware that Prevents Escape

We’ve often touted the Benefits of High-Security Door Hardware to help customers lock up their homes. When it comes to “battening down the hatches” of your home, high-quality lock hardware goes a long way towards keeping thieves out. After all, making your easiest means of entry more difficult to breach will add security to any property. Additionally, we also offer lock hardware to make it harder for children to operate certain doors behind your back. For example, we often install turn bolts, such as the one pictured, at the tops of doors. This adds an extra lock to your doors that prevent children from operating them. Having a locksmith (such as ourselves!) install these types of locks can go a long way in providing child security.

In addition to professionally-installed lock hardware, several companies offer lower-budget child security alternatives. Customers can often install these locks without the use of drills or screws, making them extremely convenient. Next up, let’s see how our alarm customers can add child-proof security measures that work with their existing home security systems.

Security System Tips and Tricks

We recommend that every homeowner install a residential burglar alarm as one of their primary layers of security. These systems provide valuable security on two levels. For starters, an alarm activation creates a blaring siren response to alert you to a potential break-in. In turn, this encourages burglars to flee the premises rather than stick around. Furthermore, our central station also creates a police dispatch to an alarm when you need it. Therefore, even a crime occurring in your absence will receive a response from the authorities. In this section, we’ll pay some attention to how we can use your alarm to add security for your children. Let’s dive in by sharing how we can help prevent your children from creating false alarms!

Smart Security System Programming

When we program a new burglar alarm, we take pride in tailoring our customers’ alarm experience so that it suits their individual security needs. As part of any alarm installation, we program alarm codes for users to disarm their security system. However, most customers enjoy the convenience of arming their alarm with minimal button touches. To create this possibility, we program the security system to allow for “quick arming” without the use of alarm codes.

A child with yellow paint on her hands and yellow handprints on the wall behind her.

Installing an interactive cell dialer and additional contact sensors allows you to receive alerts when your children access certain areas of your home. In this example from Alarm.com, your alert could prepare you to see some unwanted artwork upon your arrival.

However, parents of small children sometimes balk at the possibility of arming their security system with such ease. After all, curious fingers can push one button to arm a security system quite easily! Therefore, we recommend making it so that alarm users with children must enter their codes to arm or disarm your security system. Taking this step will make it impossible for little ones to accidentially arm your security alarm. In turn, this also alleviates the dangers of false alarms caused by moving throughout your home after your alarm has been unwittingly set up to create the siren and central station responses described earlier! Let’s continue our look at alarm-related child-proof home security measures by sharing some contact sensor use tips.

Adding Contact Sensors to Track Your Kids’ Activity

When we install a security system, the most basic part of the design process involves installing sensors on each of a home’s exterior doors. From there, we often install these sensors on easily-accessible windows as well. Furthermore, we recommend that families with children install additional sensors to track activity within your home! If you have interactive service installed with your security system, such as the type we offer through Alarm.com, you can set up sensors to alert you to activity without actually sending the security system into alarm.

We often set up certain sensors to send customers text alerts upon sensing activity. These alerts can occur even when the system is disarmed, without calling out for a central station response. Instead, they allow you to check in on potential unusual or dangerous activity. For example, many customers install sensors on liquor cabinets, closet doors, and even outdoor gates. Taking this step provides customers notice when kids either snoop into areas that they shouldn’t, or try to approach an outdoor pool or even leave the yard on their own. This unique level of activity tracking gives our interactive security customers a truly unique level of security. Last but certainly not least, let’s investigate the many benefits of smart cameras!

The Benefits of Smart Cameras

Our smart camera customers experience several unique security features. Smart cameras provide the ability to check in on your property in real time,  as well as the opportunity to review motion-activated video recordings of events from the past. Additionally, smart cameras also provide many benefits that traditional security cameras do not. For example, these cameras can send a live video notification to your phone upon detecting motion. This can add both security and peace of mind, as you can now view events such as your children returning home from school in real time.

An Alarm.com camera capturing kids walking up a staircase

The instant video alerts offered by Alarm.com smart cameras help our customers stay up to date on their kids’ whereabouts.

Furthermore, smart cameras work well when teamed up with some of the other security measures described in this post. For example, installing smart cameras in areas with contact sensors allows you to check in on situations that you receive alerts about. Therefore, you can follow up a text notification warning you about an opened pool gate by opening an app on your smartphone and checking in on the cameras in your yard. The ability to add this additional “layer” of security makes smart cameras extremely popular with our customers!

Finding the Child-Proof Home Security Measures That Work for You

We hope that this post helps you find child-proof home security measures that work for you. Furthermore, we encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have about this post or security in general. We will happily answer any inquiries you may have in order to add home security for your entire family. Additionally, we encourage you to take advantage of our free site survey program. We offer complimentary security audits and equipment quotations for both new and existing customers alike. While on site, we can address any of your security concerns. Moreover, we can make suggestions of our own based on our observations of your property and your living situation.

Perhaps you already have some of these security measures in place but see some areas for improvement. Or, maybe you have very little in the way of home security now, and want to build an effective, efficient security plan from scratch. Either way, we are happy to help! We can create a complete system of services to secure every member of your household. Together, we will work with you to make your home — and everyone in it — as safe and secure as possible!