When we work with businesses to create security plans, we have a couple goals in mind. For example, we generally install cameras to keep an eye on the property. We also aim to ensure that all of a property’s alarms, locks, extinguishers, and other security measures all meet current building and electrical codes. However, more than any other goal, most business owners want to control who enters their building, and when. This takes the form of tracking and controlling entry for both uninvited “guests” and employees alike. In this post, we will show you several means of controlling access to your business.

First, we’ll see how installing an alarm can help you with burglar security as well as employee access tracking. Then, we’ll share how creating a master key system can help you customize access to your property. From there, we’ll look at access control options to bring your door security to the next level. Finally, we’ll shift our focus to options for remotely allowing or denying access to your commercial property. Now, let’s get started with some alarm-related tips to control access to your business!

Controlling Access to Your Business with Your Alarm

As we’ve mentioned, effective commercial security involves scaring away thieves as well as tracking and controlling after-hour employee access. Burglar alarm systems can help you with both of these goals. For starters, an alarm system creates a blaring siren response to a breach when armed. This alerts anyone on your property of the issue, and often scares the thief away. Additionally, monitored alarm systems can often create a police dispatch when necessary as well. Both of these events work together to make your building a much less attractive target for criminals.

A man looking at Alarm.com reports on a tablet

Alarm.com alerts can help you track the comings and goings of your employees within your business.

Moreover, our interactive monitoring customers gain an extra measure of employee-related security. Using our cellular dialer powered by Alarm.com, we give customers the opportunity to control their security system remotely. This includes the ability to arm and disarm the system remotely. Moreover, it also allows you to add and delete user codes using the Alarm.com smartphone app. Of course, this greatly helps you control access to your business. Finally, our interactive Alarm.com customers can also receive text alerts to notify them of system arming and disarming events. These alerts will let you know who has used the alarm, and when. The ability to control codes and receive alerts remotely make this a great help in controlling access to your business! In our next section, we’ll see how master key systems can help you add valuable commercial security.

Making Master Key Lock Security Work for You

Maintaining proper key control goes an extremely long way towards controlling access to your business. After all, even the best locks get thwarted if the person attempting to gain entry has a key. For this reason, we often work with customers to create master key systems to customize who can access which doors of your business. We do this by creating keys that we place on different “levels.”

The “master” key sits atop this pyramid, and master keys can open any doors on the system. We can also create keys that unlock only certain “sets” of doors. For example, we can provide employees with a key that works your property’s main entrance as well as their office and any common areas they must access. From there, we can also create keys that only unlock one door. You can then provide these keys, known as “user” keys, to provide access to a very specific area. For example, you may create a “delivery” key that only provides access to your lobby.

Additionally, our preferred lock manufacturers offer unique key control for their master key systems. When we create an account with a select few manufacturers, such as Medeco, we receive a patented keyway that only we have access to. This means that our master key customers cannot go to another locksmith to try to secretly create spare keys. Additionally, our key control customers create a list of individuals authorized to create new keys. When customers stop in for a copy of a secure key, we have to match their ID to the location’s list of authorized key copiers. If the individuals are not on the list, we do not create a key for them. Next up, let’s look at another unique form of door-related business security!

Access Control Options

Access control systems represent one of the most effective means of controlling and tracking access to your property. This security measure involves using advanced lock equipment to control access to your property. Access control systems utilize electronic locking hardware to operate specific doors within a business. Rather than using a key at these doors, users approach a keypad or a credential reader and present either a code or a physical credential such as a card or fob. Users who present an approved credential will then be able to open the door after the reader interacts with the door’s electronics to unlock it. Business owners can allow each credential to open only certain doors at specific times. This proves especially useful when securing larger businesses!

An employee using an AMAG access card to unlock a door

Access card readers, such as this one made by AMAG, help business owners control and track access to their entire property.

In addition to controlling access to certain doors, access control systems include software that tracks access as well. Every time an employee approaches an access door, it creates a time-stamped event that you can view on a computer by logging in to your access control system. This allows you to easily track employee activity within your business. Furthermore, it allows you to see if anyone tries to enter doors in your business that they should not attempt to enter.

For example, if employees without the necessary permission attempt to use their credentials to enter your business during a time that you do not want them to do so, the system will both deny access and “flag” this event. At that point, you will know which employee attempted this breach. The security and flexibility offered by these systems make them an extremely effctive means of controlling access to your business. Let’s take a look at one more type of security that can help you control access to your property!

Remote Door Control Options

We can use the same electronic lock hardware that allows us to install access control systems to create remote door control for any door in your business. Sometimes, we install remote door release buttons at desks positioned where workers can see who is at the door. Generally, we install a doorbell that visitors can use to get employees’ attention. At that point, a worker can decide whether or not to unlock the door and grant entry. Installing this type of equipment allows doors to stay locked even during regular business hours, which can greatly enhance security. Furthermore, we can also install remote unlocking hardware in conjunction with a video or audio intercom system. This allows workers to communicate with and view visitors without requiring a direct view of your business’s doors. The added security and convenience offered by remote unlocking equipment — especially as part of an intercom system — make them an extremely important commercial security addition.

Putting it All Together and Controlling Access to Your Business

We hope that this post helps your efforts in controlling access to your business. Moreover, we encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have. We will happily answer any and all of your security inquiries. Furthermore, we encourage you to take advantage of our free site survery program. We offer complimentary security audits and equipment quotes to both new and existing customers alike. During our visit, we can address any security-related concerns you may have. Additionally, we can also make suggestions based on our own observations of your property. Together, we can create a complete plan to help you control and track access to your business and make your property as safe and secure as possible!