Over our 35 years in business, we’ve secured homes and businesses of all shapes and sizes, and for all purposes. Additionally, we’ve used every tool at our disposal to create the most efficient and effective security possible. In fact, we often surprise our customers with the way we can use our resources to both add security and save them money at the same time. Today, we will share one of the simplest ways we can make both of these happen at once. In this post, we will share how multiple-partition security measures can help us achieve your security goals.

First, we will explain what referring to “partitions” means in the security industry. Understanding the term will go a long way towards understanding the rest of this post. From there, we will look at a few useful applications for multiple-partition security. Specifically, we will focus on a couple common home and commercial uses for partitions, as well as a more “specialized” application for adding this security. Now, let’s dive in with a discussion on the meaning of security partitions.

What Do We Mean When We Reference Security Partitions?

In general, a “partiton” reprsents a part of a larger whole. In the security industry, we use this term to refer to smaller, independent sections of a singular security system. Users can control these sections individually with the use of keypads that we specifically assign to individual partitions. As a simple example, imagine installing a large security system in a property with a separated “left” and “right” side. In this case, we would install a keypad on each side of the building. We could then program each keypad to arm and disarm only security sensors on their designated side of the building. This would allow people to activate and deactivate their side of the alarm without any bearing on the other side.

A hand entering a code on a keypad

Creating multiple alarm partitions, each with their own keypad, can help you secure your entire building effectively and efficiently.

From a security standpoint, creating multiple partitions can work wonders. Most importantly, it allows vacant sections of a property to remain armed and ready to sound an alarm, even when other sections are occupied. Moreover, installing one alarm system with multiple partitions can also save money. After all, installing one alarm with multiple partitions still only creates a single monitored account, with one monthly monitoring bill. On the other hand, many property owners install numerous security systems, incurring the numerous monthly monitoring bills that come with this approach. This also costs them extra money up front for the additional panels, in addition to the extra monthly cost! For these reasons, we prefer to simplify things by installing one alarm with multiple partitions. Let’s now turn our attention to some applications that make a great spot for security systems that utilize more than one partition.

Useful Applications for Multiple-Partition Security

At this point, you should understand the basics of multiple-partition security, including both security and savings benefits. Now, we’ll focus on some popular applications for taking this measure. Of course, using partitions on an alarm system does not have to be limited to these situations. However, having some good examples laid out should help you see the theory behind adding partitions to any alarm. Let’s get started with a look at using multiple partitions in multiple-family houses.

Multiple-Family Homes

Multiple-family homes represent one of the simplest landing spaces for a partitioned security system. After all, choosing which sensors line up with each partition does not present a challenge, as these homes generally have clearly-defined boundaries separating the different living spaces. In these cases, designing and installing these alarms and creating partitions can come quite naturally.

Of course, some homes turn into multiple-family homes after time as family situations evolve. For example, a family living in a home may add an in-law apartment to a basement, or designate one side of the home as another family member’s living space. In these cases, we can still create an additional partition even well after the alarm’s initial installation.

To do so, we simply install additional keypads at any necessary locations for residents to arm and disarm their section of the home. Then, we re-program any sensors that are now in a new partition as needed so that only the keypad(s) in their area can activate and deactivate them. The ease with which we can create these added partitions after the fact make it simple and affordable for customers to add partitions to an existing alarm at any time. Now, let’s see how large commercial applications make a great landing spot for multiple-partition security.

Large Commercial Applications

In addition to multiple-family homes, large commercial spaces also make great applications for an alarm with more than one partition. Many of these locations may house a business with several departments or uses. For example, some businesses have an office with regular business hours, as well as a shipping/receiving area with extra hours on weekends. Creating different partitions allows security in the office area at all times, even while some personnel are on the clock.

Moreover, we can also use one alarm to secure multiple businesses in the case of a strip mall or multiple-business building. This can help create security for the owners of buildings who have a mix of occupied and vacant spaces within their property. Of course, it also adds value to each business space within a large commercial building. Prospective renters feel much better about moving in to a location that has a monitored alarm already installed. Therefore, both large single-business and multiple-tenant commercial spaces often receive this treatment. Now, let’s look at a somewhat unique application for this type of security.

Properties with Small High-Security Areas

In addition to securing large areas, we also use multiple partitions to keep smaller spaces within a home or a business secure. For example, owners of businesses often create a separate alarm partition for their office. This ensures that nobody can get into their space while they are away, even during hours when the entire business is up and running! On a similar note, our residential customers often create partitions for specific areas of their homes.

A keyboard, a pair of headpones, and computer monitors open to music mixing programs.

Many of our customers with home studios or offices in their homes create a separate partition to secure these areas.

Master bedrooms, art or music studios, or rooms in a home with firearms or other weaponry all reprsent great locations for a separate security partition. Creating these additional sections allows our customers to keep their valuables or other sensitive possessions secured at almost all times, with only very specific exceptions. Therefore, we highly recommend adding multiple-partition security to any of our customers who have a reason to create added security for a small area of their home or business!

Putting it All Together and Creating Complete Multiple-Partition Security

We hope that this post helps you see the benefits of multiple-family security, as well as how and when we utilize these measures. Moreover, we encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have about the material presented here. We will happily answer any and all security-related inquiries you may have. Additionally, we also invite you to take advantage of our free site survey program. We offer complimentary security audits and equipment quotes to both new and existing customers alike. This offer also goes out to residential and commercial customers as well!

While on site, we can address any existing security concerns you may have. Furthermore, we can also make recommendations based on our own observations of your porperty. Perhaps you have an alarm system in place but wish to add partitions to it in order to add security. Or, maybe you have yet to install an alarm and wish to do so using the tips outlined here. Either way, we are happy to help. Together, we can create a complete security plan to keep you, your property — as well as anyone on it   — as safe and secure as possible!