As your one-stop security shop, Northeast Security Solutions provides a wide variety of security services. These services range from installing cameras,  burglar alarms, access control systems and more. Additionally, many of our customers are surprised to learn that we also offer professional locksmith services. Of course, the security industry relies largely on electronic, high-technology security solutions. However, good mechanical lock hardware and maintenance provides the starting point for a good security plan. While the home security market does offer DIY lock hardware and installation options, these do not offer the level of security or guaranteed craftsmanship as locksmith services do. In this post, we examine the benefits of using professional locksmith services for your home.

To begin, we will look at how the products offered by professionals outperform regular hardware-store types of locks. Obviously, installing better equipment leads to better security. From there, we will look at how professionally-installed locks differ from their DIY counterparts. In general, locksmiths know the ins and outs of installing door hardware better than most homeowners. Additionally, locksmith services warranty both their parts and their installation. We will also look at how locksmiths can identify individual needs after assessing a door or a home for security. Finally, we will look at how we can install locks that interact with other security equipment. As security integrators, we always try to reach this goal. Now, let’s dive in by focusing on how adding high-grade lock equipment benefits home security.

A Medeco residential deadbolt

Medeco deadbolts, such as the one pictured, offer homeowners robust security against lock picking and drilling, as well as blunt-force attacks.

High-Quality Product Options

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) have created a 3-level testing system for lock hardware.  Lock manufacturers often seek out ANSI/BHMA certification for their product lines. Tests are meant to gauge factors such as bolt strength, security, the ability to withstand impact and force, and quality of finish, among others. Allegion, one of the biggest global providers of security products, provides this helpful guide to door hardware testing.

Locks that hardware stores provide generally fall into the “Grade 3” category or below. Grade 3 is the lowest ANSI/BHMA rating, providing the least amount of security that still falls within the range of performance for ANSI/BHMA certification. When we install locks for homeowners, we provide a minimum of Grade 2 equipment. For customers that want the best of the best, we provide Grade 1 locks from Medeco, our preferred lock manufacturer. This equipment provides much more security and durability than the locks homeowners buy over the counter and install themselves. Additionally, having a locksmith install locks ensures the best installation practices possible. Next, let’s take a look at how this professional installation helps homeowners.

The Advantage of Professional Installation

When we replace locks for customers, we often do so to fix a sloppy installation of previous lock hardware. Installing lock hardware presents many chances to make a mistake. Some of these mistakes affect a lock’s performance. For example, installing a lock too far away from a door frame can decrease a lock’s security. This happens because the lock’s bolt or latch will not reach as far into the frame as it should. This can make both deadbolts and knob locks easier for criminals to defeat.

Additionally, DIY installation can affect other parts of the door or its frame. For example, installing a lock’s strike plate (the piece of metal on a door’s frame that “catches” the lock’s bolt or latch) in the wrong place can decrease the sturdiness of the door frame. This gives blunt-force attacks on a door a greater chance of succeeding. A professional locksmith will have the tools, knowledge, and experience to install locks correctly. This will lead to enhanced security, as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing the job is being done correctly. Next, we’ll look at how the warranties offered by a locksmith can help you even after installation.

Warrantied Parts and Service

A hand filling in a "checklist"

A locksmith can help you address every item on your lock security “checklist.”

Purchasing any lock hardware generally gives you the opportunity to return locks under warranty when needed. However, homeowners who install their own locks only receive this safeguard against hardware malfunctions. Taking advantage of professional locksmith services generally leads to greater warranty coverage. We offer our own warranty on our lock hardware and installation. In the rare case that one of our customers need us to re-visit a job site to address hardware or installation concerns, we do so free of charge.

If a lock begins malfunctioning shortly after installation, it may need a replacement part or a different installation method. If your locks were installed as part of a DIY project, you will likely be on the hook for producing new locks and starting from scratch. Calling a locksmith to install your locks can help you avoid this headache if something goes wrong. A professional locksmith can diagnose the issue and address it properly. Now, let’s take a look at how involving a locksmith in planning out your home’s locks can help create a more secure and efficient system of locks.

Identifying and Addressing Customer Needs

Even when installed correctly, locks that don’t meet a customer’s needs still fail to deliver. Additionally, sometimes customers go through more trouble than necessary because they don’t know all of their options. For example, someone homeowners buy new locks if they feel that too many people have keys for the old locks. However, a locksmith can re-key a lock without replacing it. Every lock has a set of pins and springs inside of it. These pins and springs work with a key to allow the key to retract a lock’s bolt or latch. Re-keying a lock involves changing these pins and springs to work with a different key. These types of options often make professional locksmith services extremely efficient.

Additionally, locksmiths can provide their own hardware recommendations. For example, a professional locksmith can identify locks of the right size and strength to match a home’s doors. Homeowners sometimes put their lock security at risk by buying the wrong hardware for the job. This puts a home’s security at risk, even if the locks are installed correctly.

Earlier on, we pointed out that the right locks installed incorrectly can lead to danger. The same goes for poorly-chosen locks that are installed perfectly. We encourage our customers to seek out a professional opinion on the best locking hardware for their own homes. Furthermore, locksmiths can even install special locking hardware to create safe rooms, or address security for other doors that protect areas of particular importance. Additionally, locksmiths who are also security integrators — such as ourselves — can choose and install locks that work with a customers’ alarm technology. Let’s look at this feature now.

Technology That Adds Security and Convenience

If you’ve kept up with our blog posts, you know by now that we often discuss smart home products that interact with customers’ security systems. Our 7 Important Security System Add-Ons for Your Smart Home provides a useful overview of available smart home alarm technology. We find that smart locks, in particular, do a great job adding security and convenience to your home. Smart locks have a keypad or touchpad with which users can unlock doors without using a key.

A Yale smart deadbolt is operated by a user.

Smart home locks, such as this model by Yale, create added security as well as convenience.

Key security is a large part of any home security plan. Providing easy-to-program codes that allow people to enter your home without giving them a key can greatly increase this security. After all, even if you get spare keys back, anybody can copy these keys at a hardware store for later use. Smart locks can decrease this risk, as you can delete a user’s code when access is no longer needed. Additionally, smart locks allow users to lock and unlock their doors remotely. This means that homeowners can use their smartphones to grant one-time access to house sitters or contractors without providing them with a key or a code! As locksmiths and security integrators, we can recommend and install technologically-advanced solutions that interact with the rest of your home security equipment.

Using Professional Locksmith Services to Boost Your Home’s Security

We hope that this post has helped show you the benefits of using professional locksmith services at your home. We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have about this post’s material. Maybe you have some issues with locks in your own house and want them addressed. Or, maybe you want to take advantage of our free site surveys. We can stop by your home and design a system of lock hardware that works best for you. Additionally, we can address any other security concerns you may have while on site. Taking advantage of the equipment and professional installation a locksmith offers makes a great addition to any home’s security. Together, we can create a plan to keep you, your valuables, and your loved ones as safe and secure as possible.