If you’ve kept up with our blogs at all, you know that we never take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to home security. Instead, we recommend unique security solutions for every home that we secure. Unfortunately, many customers use DIY products or “package deals” from national companies that treat every house the same. While these security systems often cut costs, they also generally cut corners. This can lead to installing an ineffective and insufficient alarm. Just as bad, it also often leads to outdated and unreliable security monitoring as well. In this post, we aim to show you some of the approaches we use to combat these threats. Here, you will find some great “outside of the box” security tips and tricks.

First, we will explain what we mean by thinking outside of the box. We surprise many customers with the variety of equipment and security approaches we employ. Then, we will detail some burglar alarm ideas to improve security. These include both equipment and monitoring-related ideas. Finally, we will also share how we can connect additional equipment to your alarm system. In addition to alarm contacts, we can install extremely effective smart home equipment to improve home security. Now, let’s get started with a look at how we think out of the box with our security approach.

What Do We Mean by “Outside of the Box” Security?

Many customers approach us with ads they’ve seen from national security companies. These ads often include alarm “packages” with specific equipment included for a low cost. Additionally, the monitoring rates advertised by these companies often rely upon outdated monitoring methods. We’ll certainly share more specifics on both of those fronts throughout this post. For now, we’ll focus on the dangers of using pre-determined sensors for your home. Without walking through your home with a security consultant, you will likely fail to design the most effective alarm possible.

A sticky note reasing "Tips and Tricks"

Following our alarm system design “best practices” can help you avoid common, costly security mistakes.

For starters, you will find yourself forced to make your alarm design fit the equipment provided. This can leave some areas of your home vulnerable. Moreover, it can also lead to not installing the best equipment for your application. We always attempt to install equipment that fits both the homes and the lifestyles of our customers. Failing to do so can increase your risk of a break-in. Now that we’ve seen the dangers of using standard, pre-determined alarm equipment, let’s see how we can address these issues!

Unique Burglar Alarm Tips

When we install a monitored burglar alarm, we take a dual-pronged approach to system design. First and foremost, we try to install the security sensors that best secure an area. From there, we also look at the best means of security monitoring for your security system. Obviously, failing in either one of these areas can lead to security issues. In this section, we’ll show how we provide these services to our customers. Now, let’s dive in with a look at providing outside of the box security by getting creative with our security sensor installation.

Sensors that Provide Extra Security

When most homeowners install alarm systems, they use a couple “core” types of sensors. Door sensors secure each main entry point into a home. Some homeowners also install these contacts on individual windows. However, doing so can quickly get pricey. Moreover, putting contacts on windows does not secure a window against a thief who breaks in by smashing some glass and gaining entry. To cut costs and have a backup layer of security, many people elect to install motion detectors. In fact, most of the “package” deals we’ve discussed here include some of these detectors. However, while certainly useful, motion detectors do not detect burglars until they’ve already entered your home. Furthermore, customers cannot arm motion detectors while they are home.

To add some outside of the box security, we often use more unique alarm sensors to stop criminals. For example, glass break detectors catch the sound and vibrations caused by breaking glass. These sensors can secure an entire room against this type of attack. We also offer shock sensors that sense the vibrations caused by someone attempting to pry or break through a window. Finally, we can even install security screens that will activate your alarm upon getting cut or pulled away from your windows. All of these ideas secure your home better than any cookie-cutter alarm. Next up, we’ll move on to creating the most effective alarm monitoring possible.

The Best Alarm Monitoring Money Can Buy

Earlier, we touched on the fact that we want to utilize effective security equipment as well as alarm monitoring. Security monitoring services perform an extremely important role. Upon an alarm’s activation, a monitored security system calls out to a central station call center. At this point, a central station dispatcher can contact the premises and, if necessary, dispatch the police. Traditionally, alarm companies used a home’s phone lines to connect a security system to their central stations. When you see a company’s monitoring rates in ads, this price generally reflects phone-line based monitoring. Unfortunately, this type of monitoring often proves insufficient.

For starters, many homeowners do not have traditional phone lines installed at all. Of course, this makes traditional alarm monitoring impossible. Furthermore, phone lines often experience outages for a variety of reasons. In fact, burglars even frequently attempt to cut any phones lines they see before attempting a break-in! Any of these events would stop a traditionally-monitored alarm from calling for help. For this reason, we recommend installing a cellilar dialer. These devices provide landline-free monitoring, using cellular networks for more consistent service.

A homeowner using Alarm.com to control smart home devices.

Make sure that the security system you install utilizes the best monitoring methods available, such as an Alarm.com interactive cellular monitoring and smart home control.

Moreover, customers monitored through our interactive cellular dialer powered by Alarm.com experience additional security benefits. For example, our Alarm.com customers can control and communicate with their security systems using a smartphone app. This allows for remote system arming and disarming. It also lets you receive instant text alerts upon system activation, or when you have a status update such as a low sensor battery. These features add incredible convenience and peace of mind for homeowners. Finally, Alarm.com also offers a unique feature as part of their cell dialer service that allows us to integrate powerful smart-home related security products into their homes. Let’s turn our focus into how we make this happen.

Integrated Home Security Tips

Our Alarm.com customers can install smart devices that connect to our cellular dialer’s Z-Wave smart home receiver. The term “Z-Wave” refers to a mesh network providing communication between our Alarm.com cellular dialer and smart home devices that operate on this network. As one of the most popular smart home platforms, having a Z-wave receiver in place gives you many options to add smart security devices.

These devices include appliances such as Z-Wave light bulbs that you can control remotely to make your home look occupied while you are away. Additionally, Z-Wave locks allow you to let contractors or housesitters into your home without providing a key. We offer a near-endless array of smart home devices that add both security and convenience to your home! The combination of interactive monitoring and the ability to integrate additional security through smart home appliances make our Alarm.com cellular dialer on of our most popular and effective pieces of security equipment.

Experiencing the Best of Outside of the Box Security Ideas

We hope that this post helps you secure your home effectively and creatively. As we’ve pointed out, many companies and customers settle for alarm systems that do far less than they should. We always aim to help our customers avoid this scenario. Additionally, we also encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have about the material presented here. We will happily answer any security-related inquiries. Finally, we also invite you to take advantage of our free site survey program. We offer complimentary security audits and quotes to both new and existing customers alike. We’d be honored to help you design a unique, complete security plan that fits your own application and lifestyle. Together, we can help keep you, your home, and your family as safe and secure as possible!