One of the main benefits of installing home security lies in the potential to secure your most valued possessions. Of course, some of these items have obvious value. Electronics and expensive jewelry will catch the eye of anyone who sees them. On the other hand, certain possessions’ sentimental value outweighs their monetary value. These items include family keepsakes, as well as engagement rings, wedding rings, and other items near and dear to their owners’ hearts. Regardless of why items hold worth for you, we aim to help you secure them. In this post, we share some tips for securing valuables at your home.

We’ll start with some tips for installing security contacts in sensitive areas of your home. These sensors can help you control and track access to rooms or even boxes and drawers that house valuables. From there, we’ll look at some different types of safes that can store and secure docuements, jewelry, and anything else you may want to lock away. Additionally, we’ll share a couple of lock options that can help with securing valuables in your home. These include both high-quality mechanical locks and electronic locks. Now, let’s get started by exploring some locations we recommend installing additional security contacts.

An alert showing that an office drawer has been opened

Security contact alerts can help you track activity around areas of your home that hold your valuables.

The Power of Additional Security Contacts

Our door/window sensors form the backbone of any security system. We install these sensors to notify you if someone breaches the perimeter of your home through any exterior door or window. However, we can also install contacts on other doors to help secure valuables as well. We do this with the help of our cellular dialer, powered by This dialer allows us to monitor our customers’ security systems through a cellular network, rather than through traditional phone lines. Additionally, our customers can receive customizable alarm alerts sent to their smartphones. This includes the ability to receive an alert anytime someone opens a specific door, cupboard, or even cabinet that has an alarm sensor on it, regardless of whether or not you’ve armed your security system.

Therefore, we encourage you to consider areas of your home that could benefit from this security. For example, closet doors that house jewelry or other valuables could receive this treatment. Dresser drawers that hold cash or important documents could also create this valuable alert. This unorthodox method for securing valuables has increased many customers’ security and peace of mind. Now, let’s look at a popular way to secure and even hide your keepsakes.

Keeping Valuables “Safe”

We offer a huge variety of safes that perform various functions to help you lock up anything you hold near and dear. In fact, we often surprise our customers with our safes’ variety of shapes, sizes, weights, and purposes. In this section, we’ll discuss a few options for securing your valuables with a safe. We’ll start by describing the most common types of safes on the market. From there, we’ll share a type of safe that both locks up and hides whetever you put inside!

An American Security Wall Safe

A wall safe, like this one by American Security, locks up and hides and your valuables at the same time.

Heavy Duty Burglary and Fire Safes

Many people assume that every safe has largely the same purpose. After all, they look fairly similar, even if they come in different sizes. However, we sell safes that serve various purposes. Of course, most people think of security against burglary when they think of safes. Burglary safes have heavy-duty locks and thick doors to guard against picking and drilling, respectively.

On the other hand, a safe designed to primarily protect against fire will obviously still have a lock on it, but doesn’t offer the same specific security against blunt and picking attacks as a burglary safe. Fire safes also contain non-combustible material, such as cement, between the inner and outer walls. This makes these safe quite heavy! A combination fire and burglar safe will have features to protect again both of these threats, but also come with a higher price tag because of it. Any one of these options will help secure your valuables against the threat that you fear the most. Now, let’s look at a safe that provides unique storage for documents and smaller keepsakes.

Wall Safes to Keep Valuables Out of Sight and Out of Mind

While they do not have the same solid construction that the previously-mentioned safes do, wall safes do have a unique security feature. We install these thin safes by cutting a section of drywall and installing the outer walls of the safe to the studs. At that point, homeowners generally hang a mirror or picture over the safe to keep it hidden. Moreover, some customers install these safes in closets so they end up covered by clothing. Wall safes represent a creative means of securing valuables in any home. Next up, we’ll examine a couple lock-related security measures for your home.

Installing High-Quality Lock Hardware on Interior Doors

Most people think of locks as an item for exterior doors. After all, keeping the wrong people outside a property is a large part of any security plan. However, we also recommend installing locks inside your home for help securing valuables. This can keep even people you’ve invited into your home from getting into closets, offices, or other rooms that may have fragile and/or expensive items. Parents or grandparents of small children often find this tip especially useful. After all, you want to add security that lowers the chances of your favorite items getting broken in addition to providing security against theft. Following this tip will help you do just that! Let’s wrap up our best practices to secure valuables by sharing why we recommend installing electronic locks.

A Schlage Smart Deabolt being unlocked outside a home.

A smart keypad deadbolt, such as this lock by Schlage, allows for both code-based entry and remote operation through a smart phone.

Electronic Lock Options

Over the course of several years in one location, many homeowners struggle to track who they’ve given keys to, and when. Homeowners with kids often give keys to neighbors in case of lock-outs. Additionally, families who travel frequently often have to pass out keys to pet sitters and house sitters. Finally, many families “hide” spare keys around the house in hiding places that might not prove as clever as they had hoped. Add it all up, and you may end up with a situation where the wrong individual eventually winds up with a key. If you have something in your home that interestes a neighbor or someone who’s visited your home before, this situation can put your most valuable possessions at risk.

To combat this issue, we recommend installing keypad locks. These locks allow you to provide a code, rather than a key, to grant access to your home. Furthermore, smart keypad locks, such as the one pictured, even allow you to lock and unlock your door remotely. Therefore, installing them allows you to provide contractors or neighbors one-time access to your home without providing a key or a code! This unique level of security guards your valuables against house sitters or contractors who may intend to come back uninvited after finishing their work.

Putting it All Together and Securing Valuables at Your Own Home

We hope that this post has given you some ideas to help you secure your family’s nearest and dearest possessions. We pride ourselves in helping customers keep both valuable and sentimental items safe. Furthermore, we encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the material in this post. We will be happy to discuss your security options with you. Additionally, we offer free site surveys to both new and existing customers alike. While on site, we can address any security concerns you may have regarding jewelry, cash, sensitive documents, and any other valuables. Moreover, we can make additional suggestions based on our own observations. Together, we can create a plan to keep your property, your favorite possessions, and even your family as safe and secure as possible!