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Internet-Based Security Measures


More and more frequently, technology-related products utilize the internet to add unique features. Unsurprisingly, the security industry has followed this trend over the past couple decades. Internet-based security measures allow our customers to easily control and communicate with their home security equipment. In this post, we will introduce you to some of our most popular […]

Creative Home Security System Options


When we design a home security system, we like to consider several different scenarios. Of course, burglar and life safety monitoring come first and foremost. However, we still have plenty of work left to do after addressing these factors. In fact, we often surprise customer with the wide variety of equipment we can install. This […]

Connecting Your Home Security Devices


Over the past several years, we’ ve written several posts describing our home security offerings. As a one-shop stop for all your security needs, we regularly educate homeowners on their many security options. Additionally, we like to make your security equipment as easy as possible to use. For starters, we strive to select the most […]

Security System “Do’s” and “Don’ts”


When home or business owners sit down to design a security system, they often find themselves overwhelmed. After all, the security industry consists largely of products that consumers know very little about. Unlike car or furniture shopping, alarm shopping is often done by customers who do not know much about their options or preferences. Furthermore, […]

Alarm.com Commercial Security Features


For the past several years, we’ve used our cellular dialer powered by Alarm.com as our preferred alarm monitoring method. Cellular monitoring allows us to monitor customers’ security systems without the use of traditional phone lines. This allows us to offer unique security benefits. For starters, our Alarm.com customers can cancel their phone service without affecting […]

When Should I Call My Alarm Company?

An orange phone with a cord

At Northeast Security Solutions, we do not believe in taking a “set it and forget it” approach to home security. Unfortunately, many customers install an alarm system and fail to follow best practices for system and monitoring maintenance. This can lead to your security failing to work efficiently when you need it most. Morevover, it […]

Alarm Options to Add Outdoor Security


Over the past several decades, the popularity of alarm systems has grown tremendously. Both home and business owners alike now regularly install alarms to monitor their homes against burglary and fire-related emergencies. Furthermore, the technology behind these systems has grown throughout the years. We often surprise customers with updates on the “latest and greatest” security […]

Tips to Add Images to Your Home Security


If you’ve followed our blogs over the last couple years, you know how capturing images of your property increases home security. Of course, home security systems do a great job scaring away intruders. Furthermore, monitored alarms even create a police dispatch if necessary. However, burglar alarm systems rarely lead to the capture of criminals. After […]