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Your Guide to How Alarm Systems Work


Out of all the technology-related products people encounter regularly, security systems prove the “scariest” for many consumers. After all, monitored alarms have the ability to call out to our central station and initiate a police dispatch. This feature can make anyone feel a little nervous. Furthermore, many find the nature of the systems themselves quite […]

Am I Required to Monitor My Alarm System?


Customers with alarm systems have many options for security monitoring. In fact, we detail many of these options in our post exploring Unique Security Monitoring Options. We rank alarm monitoring as one of the most important security measures that we provide. In most cases, this monitoring service represents a popular, yet non-required, option. However, certain […]

5 Benefits of Cellular Alarm Monitoring

An Alarm.com app open on a phone with a house in the background.

Several months ago, we created a post introducing a few Unique Security Monitoring Options. In that post, we discussed the basics of alarm monitoring, as well as the benefits of different monitoring options. In short, alarm monitoring involves creating a means of communication between a security system and a central station. Upon activation of an […]

Apartment Alarm Installation Tips


The popularity of home security systems has grown quickly over the past several years. However, until recently those living in apartments have missed out on this security. A variety of factors on both the installing companies’ and the landlords’ end made apartment alarm installation a difficult proposal. However, advances in alarm technology and monitoring methods […]

Unique Alarm.com Smart Camera Features


We’ve discussed the benefits of security cameras in several of our posts. For example, our post providing Yard and Driveway Security Tips examines how cameras add security by recording activity around your home. Additionally, the mere presence of cameras often acts as a deterrent to crime. Criminals who see cameras around your home may well […]

Using Alarm.com Wellness Features


Over the last couple months, we’ve created posts addressing how the current COVID-19 pandemic has created the need for new approaches to security. We created a post sharing Security Tips to Secure Vacant Business Properties. We also shared some Remote Working Security Tips as well as ideas for Taking Security Measures to Fight the Spread […]

Multiple-Property Security with Alarm.com


In our recent post on Creating an Effective Master Key System, we detail how owners of multiple properties can add security by creating a single key system for all of their locations. As complete security integrators, we often help customers secure a number of properties using efficient security methods. Landlords, owners of vacation homes, multiple-business […]

5 Surprising Items That Burglars Target


Many people have a general idea of what to secure in case of a burglary. For example, our Holiday Home Security Wish List pointed out the need to hide evidence of expensive electronics. Burglars can turn these items around for quick cash after leaving your home. Additionally, the section of our site devoted to residential […]