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Silent Alarm Options for Your Security System


Most people associate alarm systems with noise and panic. After all, security companies often advertise a blaring siren response upon alarm activation. Both burglar and fire emergencies usually warrant this type of reaction. However, in some cases, silent alarm options create a more effective response than a panic-inducing one. Today, we will examine some of […]

Using Alarm.com to Prevent Water Damage


In past posts, we’ve discussed adding flood detection equipment to your alarm system. For example, in our 5 Surprising Home Security System Benefits, we pointed out how installing this equipment could alert you to a weather-related incident in time to stop a disaster. Additionally, we also mentioned this equipment in our Smart Security Tips to […]

Finding Reliable Home Security Monitoring


Several months ago, we created a post answering the question Should I Have My Security System Monitored? We always recommend adding home security monitoring services to your home alarm system. A monitored security system can create a police or fire station response to an emergency situation. Additionally, adding this service can trigger a sizeable homeowners’ […]

Five Steps to Simple Home Security

A sign reading "Simplify"

We’ve spent time in several of our posts discussing the latest innovations in home security technology. However, many potential alarm customers find all of this new technology overwhelming. Some homeowners do find the newest and flashiest technology the most intuitive and easy to use. For others, installing devices with all the bells and whistles just […]

A Holiday Home Security Wish List


With Thanksgiving behind us, holiday gift-shopping season has swung into high gear. If you read our post on Following the Latest Home Security Trends, you will recall that many homeowners now purchase and install their own security equipment as a DIY project. Additionally, you may also recall that modern alarm systems act as a smart […]

5 Surprising Home Security System Benefits


We’ve spent several blog posts discussing how to maximize the security offered by home alarm systems. Our post on Smart Security System Design, in particular, covers the basics of designing an the most effective security system possible. At this point, most potential customers understand the benefit to installing monitored burglary and fire equipment as part […]

Catching Unexpected Alarm Activity


Our recent post on Following the Latest Home Security Trends points out some ways in which modern burglar alarms differ from those of the past. Reading that post makes it easy to see how technology has made alarm systems more intuitive and powerful than ever. Modern alarm systems make it easier to provide the level […]

Preventing Car Break-ins With Your Home Security System

Preventing Car Break-ins

This week’s edition (7/11/19) of our local newspaper, the West Springfield Record, includes a front-page headline that reads “Town Besieged by Rash of Car Break-Ins.” The article explains this is happening in multiple communities in our area. WWLP reported about this trend as well.  We’d like to take a moment to point out ways your […]