5 Surprising Home Security System Benefits

We’ve spent several blog posts discussing how to maximize the security offered by home alarm systems. Our post on Smart Security System Design, in particular, covers the basics of designing an the most effective security system possible. At this point, most potential customers understand the benefit to installing monitored burglary and fire equipment as part…

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5 Ways to Keep Your Home from Becoming a Target for Burglars

When we perform site surveys for home alarm customers, we do more than design an alarm system. While on site, we also make overall security recommendations. Installing a home security system can certainly make criminals think twice about their actions. In the case you still do have a break-in, an alarm system creates a siren…

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Taking Steps to Defeat Smart Criminals

A burglar standing outside a well-lit house

When creating a home security plan with customers, we attempt to think like a criminal. Of course, we cannot always anticipate how a burglar will approach a home, and why. However, specific patterns¬†of behavior have certainly emerged while studying burglary statistics. Some of these patterns go against some common misconceptions. For example, burglars generally try…

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