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Avoiding Surveillance System Installation Mistakes


We’ve created several posts detailing the importance of surveillance systems. Out of all the security measures business owners take, installing cameras ranks among the most effective. Locks, burglar alarms, access control systems, and other security measures all certainly have their place. However, these measures rarely lead to the arrest of burglars or vandals. By creating […]

Choosing the Right Commercial Lock Equipment


Most business owners spend a lot of time designing a security plan for their building. Burglar and fire alarm systems take a lot of thought and preparation to design and install effectively. The same goes for intercom systems, panic buttons, and other security measures. However, the same owners often place very little thought in selecting their commercial […]

Five Business Security Measures to Cut Your Insurance Costs


In previous posts, we’ve discussed how taking proactive security measures can lower insurance premiums for homeowners. For example, we wrote a post several months back answering the question, “Should I Have My Security System Monitored?” In that post, we pointed out that having your security system monitored can lower your insurance costs. In this post, […]