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Required Security for New Businesses


As a small, family-owned business, at Northeast Security Solutions we understand the effort that goes into starting a new business venture. Of course, many aspiring business owners know all too well about the amount of work ahead of them. However, as with building anything from the ground up, things often come up that surprise new […]

Autumn Fire Security Tips for Your Home


While every season brings about a change from the last, the coming of autumn arguably represents more change then any other season. Summer vacations roll back into the school year. Days quickly get shorter, nights get chillier, and the trees produce breathtaking scenery for weekend drives. Fall also brings about prime season for cider and […]

Kitchen Security Measures for Your Home


At Northeast Security Solutions, we work with families to create a complete home security plan. This involves taking into account safety and security issues in every area of the house. Our recent Guide to Shed and Garage Security addresses securing these important exterior structures. We also created Best Practices to Improve Bedroom Security, Tips to […]

Thanksgiving Security Tips


Ahh, the sights, smells, and tastes of Thanksgiving! Many people count this late autumn holiday among their favorite. The festive fall decorations, large family gatherings, and gut-busting dishes set this day apart. However, Thanksgiving traditions also bring about the potential for safety and security risks. The near-constant cooking and frequent family travel make it a good […]

5 Important Autumn Security Tips


As we discussed in our Vacation Security To-Do List, every season brings its own unique security concerns. Summer means long days, warm weather, and houses left vacant during family vacations. The fall, meanwhile, means arriving home after sunset, and trees that transition from colorful to bare. It also brings the return of sweater weather, and Halloween preparations […]