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Stopping Unwanted Key Copies for Good

A sign reading "DO NOT COPY"

A few months ago, we published a post on Key-Free Lock Control for Your Business. In that post, we explained that burglars can thwart even the best locks if they have a key. In fact, unwanted key copies create a constant security threat for home and business owners alike. Occasionally, a contractor working in a […]

Medeco Master Key System Design Tips


A couple months ago, we posted some Security Tips to Secure Vacant Businesses. In that post, we discussed some electronic security measures to secure commercial locations. These included technology-related ideas such as installing cameras, access control, and alarm-related products. However, that post did not include any tips on installing physical lock hardware to create security. […]

How to Change Your Locks Effectively


Our post providing 7 Tips to Improve Home Security for New Homeowners touches on the importance of creating new keys for your home when moving into a new place. However, we recommend performing this security measure periodically even well after buying a home. After all, the longer you have the same keys work your locks, […]

Choosing the Right Commercial Lock Equipment


Most business owners spend a lot of time designing a security plan for their building. Burglar and fire alarm systems take a lot of thought and preparation to design and install effectively. The same goes for intercom systems, panic buttons, and other security measures. However, the same owners often place very little thought in selecting their commercial […]