Next-Level Home Lock Security

At Northeast Security Solutions, we like to think of ourselves as a complete “on stop security stop.” We offer the entire gamut of security products, from technology-based electronics to the simplest of mechanical security products. In fact, we surprise many of our customers when we tell them that we started business as a locksmith shop!…

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The Many Forms of Keypad Security

A hand entering a code on a keypad

When you walk around any commercial property, and even some homes, you will likely see several keypads on the premises. These keypads can perform a wide variety of security-related functions for different types of security systems. In fact, many employees in any given business often do not know exactly which keypads do what within their…

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Choosing the Right Residential Locks

When creating a complete home security plan, many homeowners focus on electronic security. For example, burglar alarm systems and video surveillance systems often take first priority. While useful, these plans sometimes fail to address the mechanical side of home security. We consider locks the “front line” of any good residential security plan. After all, high-quality…

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