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Retail Security Tips


A couple months back, we created a post sharing some tips for Adding Restaurant Security. In that post, we share some of the unique security challenges of the restaurant industry, as well as some useful solutions. Of course, no two types of business share exactly the same security concerns. Therefore, we encourage customers to use […]

Tips for Securing Your Alarm


Burglar alarm systems make up one of the most effective means of home security on the market. These systems alert families and local authorities to potential break-ins, and even stop many burglaries from taking place at all. The blaring siren response to a door or window opening unexpectedly wakes up sleeping families and often scares […]

What Happens After My Alarm Goes Off?


Earlier this year, we created a post to serve as Your Guide to How Alarm Systems Work. In that post, we shared the “basics” behind alarm system operation and use. That overview included a helpful guide to the types of equipment we can add to alarm systems. It also included an overview of how our […]

Your Guide to How Alarm Systems Work


Out of all the technology-related products people encounter regularly, security systems prove the “scariest” for many consumers. After all, monitored alarms have the ability to call out to our central station and initiate a police dispatch. This feature can make anyone feel a little nervous. Furthermore, many find the nature of the systems themselves quite […]

Finding Reliable Home Security Monitoring

A red phone with voice lines

Several months ago, we created a post answering the question Should I Have My Security System Monitored? We always recommend adding home security monitoring services to your home alarm system. A monitored security system can create a police or fire station response to an emergency situation. Additionally, adding this service can trigger a sizeable homeowners’ […]

Adding Life Safety to Your Burglar Alarm


Many people think of security systems as “burglar alarms” rather than a way to add life safety. Indeed, security systems add a great amount of theft deterrence to any home. Alarm systems provide a shrieking siren response to an attempted burglary that often scares thieves away before they do any damage. Furthermore, a monitored security […]

Unique Security Monitoring Options


When people think of security systems, they usually have a couple basic images in mind. The first is a burglar breaking into a building and activating sirens and lights that scare said burglar away. The second image revolves around the activation of security monitoring services. This one involves the police showing up at a crime scene after […]