Notifications that Add Security

Several smart phones with apps open, showing security system and smart home controls

When installing a security system, most customers have a few goals in mind. Of course, creating a siren-based response to an attempted break-in sits at the top of the list. Additionally, our monitored alarms also create a central station response and even a police dispatch to alarm events when necessary. This extra layer of security…

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Using Your Alarm to Create Winter Weather Security

When it comes to securing our customers’ homes, we take a complete-security approach. Of course, many people call security systems “burglar alarms,” and for good reason. Many people install these systems with the main goal of alerting them to an attempted burglary. Obviously, advertising the presence of these systems also deters thieves from trying to…

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Non-Burglary Related Alarm Security

An alarm keypad displaying an "Armed to Away" message

As complete security integrators, we work to ensure that you experience security against a variety of threats. To do so, we use a wide array of approaches and security products. However, whenever possible, we prefer to create as much security with as few different security measures as possible. In particular, we can create an increddible…

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Security Tips for School Season

The end of August brings about several changes, which some people welcome with open arms and others dread. For example, we’re starting to see nights and early mornings get cooler at the summer winds down. Pumpkin-flavored goodies have popped back up in restaurants. Football season looms just around the corner. But of course, perhaps most…

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Stopping Attempted Burglaries

When we install security equipment for our customers, we have a couple goals in mind. Of course, we always want to make sure any crime at your home creates an immediate reaction. In general, this should include both a blaring siren response and an automatic police dispatch. In addition to these things, we also want…

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Remote Home Security Options

A structure reading "OPTIONS"

When it comes to designing home security, the effectiveness of the equipment we install sits right at the top of our priority list. However, we also value user experience similarly. After all, effective equipment that proves too difficult to use ends up getting ignored. At that point, of course, even the best security equipment turns…

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Tips for Efficient Security Installation

When it comes to security, many homeowners have a “take it as it comes approach.” In other words, they address security issues one by one as they present themselves. Unfortunately, this approach fails on multiple levels. For one, waiting until issues arise means that the security has already failed. Of course, we recommend taking a…

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Designing An Effective Home Alarm

When we work with new customers to beef up home security, we always include the installation of a monitored burglar alarm. These systems provide multiple layers of security. First, they create a blaring siren response upon an alarm activation. This alerts anyone onsite of the issue, and often scares intruders away. Additionally, a monitored alarm…

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New Year’s Alarm Security Tips

As a technology-driven security integrator, we always stay on top of new security technology. Additionally, we also recommend that our customers do the same. Staying up to date with occasional alarm upgrades can greatly enhance both your security system’s effectiveness and your experience in using your burglar alarm. We find that New Year’s marks a…

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Customizing Your Security Experience

A chalkboard reading "Choices"

When we work with customers to design security plans, we do so with multiple goals in mind. For starters, we always wish to provide the best security against burglary, fire, and other threats that we can. Additionally, we also worth with customers to provide them with the security experience that they desire. Some customers prefer…

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