At Northeast Security Solutions, we realize that every living situation brings its own unique security challenges. In this post, we share some security system tips for our readers living in condominium complexes. Our condo security tips will have two main focuses. First, we will examine how we can install alarms that are ideal for condos. Many of our customers living in condos cannot drill holes or make major changes to their premises. Furthermore, many condo dwellers cannot enter long-term monitoring contracts. We will explain how we conquer each of these issues!

From there, we will focus on unique security concerns related to living in a condominium. Contractors sometimes require access to these units. We will look at some ways to provide this access without sacrificing security. Additionally, condos usually connect to other units in a complex. Therefore, we will look at providing fire security in this type of setting. Now, let’s get started by looking at the alarm that we offer our condo-dwelling customers!

A QOLSYS IQ Panel 2 on a table.

The QOLSYS IQ Panel 2 allows for easy installation that will leave your condo free from the usual wear and tear caused by an alarm installation!

How Do Our Alarms Provide Maximum Condo Security?

As we mentioned earlier, many owners of condos cannot make major changes to the property. For those that rent their condos, this is quite often the case. However, traditional alarm systems generally require making these very alterations. We will begin this section by explaining how we solve this issue. Furthermore, condo security system monitoring often requires the involvement of a landlord or condo association. We offer a solution to this issue as well! Let’s get started by looking at the unique alarm that we install to provide condo security.

Drill-Free, Wire-Free Installation

In the not-so-distant past, alarm installation required intrusive drilling and wire running. A couple decades ago, installing an alarm usually meant running a wire to every single door contact, window contact, and motion detector on the alarm system. Even “wireless” alarm systems usually require wiring run from a system control panel to the alarm’s panel and keypad. However, recent alarm technology has made this a thing of the past!

Our preferred alarm panel, the QOLSYS IQ Panel 2, puts these issues in the rear view mirror. This alarm system (pictured) contains the control panel, keypad, and siren all in one unit. Furthermore, we can mount it on a table or counter without running any wiring through your walls! This makes it a uniquely-qualified alarm for any condo. In addition to providing a pain-free and non-destructive installation, this alarm also contains many unique security features. Now, let’s take a look at a couple of these unique benefits!

Unique Security Features

The QOLSYS IQ Panel 2 gives customers more security convenience than just about any alarm on the market. For example, it features a unique, intuitive touchscreen format. This makes it easy to use, even for our most technologically-challenged customers. It also contains a built-in camera that takes pictures of users as they disarm the alarm. This allows you to catch anyone who may know your security codes and visits your home uninvited!

An individual signing paperwork with a pen

While many companies require long-term monitoring commitments, Northeast Security Solutions offers customers monitoring with no strings attached.

Last but not least, the QOLSYS IQ Panel 2 security system contains our own cellular dialer powered by Our cellular dialer allows us to monitor your alarm without any phone lines present. Furthermore, it allows you to arm and disarm your alarm with a cell phone and receive instant alerts to update you on alarm activity! At this point, you’ve seen the security benefits that come with securing and monitoring your condo with our alarm. Now, let’s look at our unique take on security monitoring that greatly benefits our customers in condos.

Contract-Free Alarm Monitoring

Have you ever looked at the “fine print” on ads by large security companies? If so, you may have noticed the long-term commitments required by many of them. Many companies require customers to sign on for 3 or even 5 years of monitoring! In fact, we discussed this danger in our 6 Important Questions to Ask Security System Providers. In that post, we explained how major alarm companies use long monitoring contracts at high monthly rates to recoup money from cheap alarms. While this tactic does keep installation prices low, it costs customers more in the long run.

Moreover, many condo residents find themselves unable to sign such agreements. After all, many residents of condos rent their property, and/or belong to associations that dictate under what terms residents can sign up for such services. At Northeast Security Solutions, we monitor our customers’ accounts with absolutely no long-term commitment! Our customers can turn their alarm monitoring off at any time. This eliminates the need for landlords, associations, or others in charge of condo complexes to undersign for our customers’ alarm monitoring. Now, let’s look at some tips to help customers deal with the unique security issues associated with condo living.

Extra Security Precautions to Keep in Mind

At this point, we’ve explained why our alarm system fits so well with condo security needs. In this section, we’ll focus on a couple ways that condos require focusing on a couple key aspects of security. We’ll begin by examining how the presence of contractors and condo works who need access to your unit can affect security, and what you can about it. From there, we’ll look at the importance of adding monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detection to your unit. Let’s dive in with a look at some unique door security that we can add to your alarm!

Contractors with Access to Your Unit

One of the benefits of living in a condo is the presence of a condo association to maintain your unit. The ability to rent or even own a large living space without the need to mow the lawn or undertake other time and energy-consuming maintenance explains why so many people live in condo units. However, this full-time access to your yard and home can carry some risk. These associations and their contractors often require full-time access to your condo. In many cases, residents provide spare keys to the variety of workers that might show up. Of course, every spare key you give out lowers your security more and more.

A Yale smart deadbolt is operated by a user.

Smart keypad locks, such as this model by Yale, allow you to add condo security by eliminating the need to provide contractors with spare keys.

Smart locks, such as the one pictured, can help address this issue. These locks allow you to access your home through a code rather than a key. Additionally, they allow you to provide access at any time using a smartphone! This feature lets you provide remote access to your condo rather than providing a key or code that workers can use at a later date to come back uninvited. Contractors can call you when you arrive, and you can let them in immediately. After the work is completed, you can even make sure they locked the door behind them (and lock it yourself if they failed to do so)! These features make smart locks a popular addition for any homeowners, especially those in condos that require others to access the home. Next, let’s look at how adding monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detection can greatly improve your condo security!

Extra Fire Safety Concerns

A couple months ago, we created a post detailing some Specialty Security Sensors for Your Home. In that post, we looked at the importance of adding monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detection. This equipment can save your property, and even your life! Therefore, we consider these devices just as important as traditional security sensors designed to alert you to an attempted burglary.

Of course, the threat of a fire or carbon monoxide emergency exists in any living situation. Unfortunately, this threat multiplies in condos connected to other units. After all, these units face danger from fires or CO leaks that start inside any of the connected units, and not just their own! For this reason, we highly recommend adding monitored smoke and CO detection in condos. As an added bonus, installing this detection often significantly lowers homeowners’ insurance rates. In fact, this discount can end up paying back the investment on this equipment and even saving customers money over time! The combination of security and savings offered by this equipment makes adding it a no-brainer for many of our customers.

Putting it All Together

We hope that this post has given you some ideas for adding condo security. Furthermore, we encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have about the material presented here. We will happily answer any security-related questions you may have. Perhaps you have a condo and now realize you can add a brand new alarm. Or maybe you have a security system and wish to act on some of the ideas presented in this post. Either way, we will happily help you create a condo security plan that works for you.

We also provide free site surveys for both new and existing customers alike. While on site, we can address any existing security concerns you may have. For good measure, we can make suggestions of our own based on what we find during our visit. Together, we can create a plan to keep your condo — as well as the valuables and residents inside of it — as safe and secure as possible!