As home security providers, we pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box when needed. Rather than taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach to securing a home, we find a unique solution based on every customer’s situation. After all, our customers’ security goals and needs varies as greatly as our customers themselves. We provide this variety of security solutions different ways. For example, awhile back we created a post describing some Unique Security Monitoring Options. In that post, we show how we provide monitoring options to fit any customer’s situation. Likewise, we do the same with the security equipment we install as well. In this post, we share some specialty security sensors that we use to monitor our customers’ homes against a variety of threats.

To start, we’ll explain what we mean when we describe “specialty” sensors. Most security systems have very similar equipment across the board. We’ll want to share what makes these sensors stand out. From there, we will dive into the specifics behind these sensors’ functions and applications. Certainly, security systems that only contain the “basics” still provide some security. However, knowing what other options you have can help you design as effective a security plan as possible. Let’s begin with a look at defining specialty security sensors before exploring your many options!

What Do We Consider “Specialty” Security Sensors?

When most people think of alarm systems, they think of sensors on doors and windows that activate a siren and create a police response. Additionally, motion detectors can sense a person’s presence in a room and create the same response. Many alarm systems consist entirely of door sensors and motion detectors. Also on the somewhat “standard” side of burglar detection equipment are glass break detectors. We install these sensors in areas with a lot of glass that burglars would likely break in order to enter. Rooms with picture windows and sliders make great locations for these sensors.

A yellow shed in a yard

Long-range wireless sensors allow homeowners to secure areas of their home and yard that were previously out of wireless range, such as detached sheds and garages.

While often effective, these sensors have limitations that the sensors described below address. For the purposes of this post, we will consider lesser-known burglary alarm contacts that address these limitations “specialty” contacts. Additionally, we will also include non-burglary related security alarm sensors. We often surprise customers by offering alarm equipment that monitors the home for a variety of environmental dangers. We’ll spend some time looking at these sensors as well. Let’s begin our look at specialty security sensors by sharing some information on one of the newest types of sensors to hit the market!

Wireless Long-Range Sensors

A couple years back, we began installing the QOLSYS IQ Panel 2 as our preferred alarm system for new installations. This panel comes jam-packed with features, including an easy-to-use touchscreen interface and a built-in cellular dialer for consistent communication with our central station. As an added bonus, the newest version of this panel, the “QOLSYS IQ Panel 2 Plus,” also supports a recently-engineered line of long-range wireless sensors. These sensors, known as the “Power G ” series, have a 2,000-foot maximum open-air range when used with a QOLSYS IQ Panel 2 Plus alarm panel, with a recommended range of 500 feet for most applications that do not offer open-air communication.

Until recently, installing wireless sensors on garages or at areas of a home far away from the main panel would cause issues. Power G sensors allow us to install wireless devices without this worry. In fact, now we can even install door sensors, motion detectors, and more in areas we wouldn’t have even considered a few short years ago. For example, detached garages, pool gates, and sheds now make great spots for long-range security sensors. Now, installing an alarm system can monitor more areas of your home and yard than ever before. Next, let’s look at security equipment that both detects and captures events that put your security at risk!

Security Equipment that Captures an Image

A photo of someone disarming a QOLSYS alarm system

Storing photos of users disarming the alarm system is one of the QOLSYS IQ Panel 2’s most unique security features.

Having an alarm system that alerts you and the authorities to potential crime at your house obviously creates both security and peace of mind. However, alarm events very rarely lead to catching criminals. After all, once the siren starts sounding, burglars usually run. This leaves the police arriving at your home with very little evidence regarding the thief’s identity. However, adding equipment that captures images can change this. We can connect both smart cameras and even motion detectors with image-snapping cameras inside of them as part of an alarm system installation. Smart cameras provide you with both live and recorded video of events in and around your house. Image-capturing motion detectors work similarly to regular motion detectors, but they take pictures upon sensing motion in addition to activating your alarm!

Additionally, the QOLSYS IQ Panel 2 mentioned earlier also comes with a unique image-capturing feature. This panel takes a snapshot every time someone uses a code to disarm the alarm system. Over time, contractors, house sitters, and other guests often receive alarm codes to disarm your security system. This could potentially lead to someone coming back uninvited and robbing your home down the road. The camera installed in this panel helps lower this risk by allowing you to see the faces of anyone who’s disarmed your alarm system. Now, let’s look at security sensors that secure your home against non-criminal threats!

Life Safety and Environmental Sensors

In addition to break-ins and vandalism, homeowners also face a variety of other dangers. These range from life-threatening fire and carbon monoxide emergencies to damage from weather-related events. Luckily, we can install devices that interact with your existing security system to secure you against these threats! We offer monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for your home. These detectors will create a siren response that can wake you up and alert you to an emergency, allowing you to escape. Additionally, our detectors’ sensing the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide will create a response from the local fire department. The life safety offered by these devices make them a powerful add-on to any home security system.

A System Sensor smoke detector.

Monitored smoke detectors, such as this one by System Sensor, can create a fire department response to a fire at your home.

Furthermore, we offer sensors that create alerts for environmental disasters that have the potential to cause major damage to any home. For example, our “hi-lo temp” detectors can create an alert if your home experiences dangerously high or low temperatures. This can help alert you to frozen pipes during the wintertime. Additionally, we offer flood sensors that can detect the presence of water wherever we install them. Environmental sensors can help you detect and address these issues before they create a mess that takes a significant amount of time and money to repair!

Using Specialty Security Sensors as Part of a Complete Security Plan

We hope that this post has given you some ideas for your own home security plan. Adding specialty sensors can bolster your home’s security against burglary and other dangers that homeowners face. We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have after reading this post. We will happily answer any security-related questions you may have. Additionally, we provide free site surveys for both new and existing customers. Maybe you have a basic alarm system, but would like to utilize some of the sensors described here. Or, perhaps you want to design a new system from scratch that works as effectively for you as possible. Either way, we can address your security concerns and make suggestions of our own based on what we see during our visit. Together, we can create a dynamic security system that keeps you as safe and secure as possible!