In our post Tackling Ten Common Home Security Myths, we discussed concepts that scare homeowners away from installing an alarm. Some of these notions we regard as baseless. However, some of these ideas have the potential to cause issues if not addressed properly. The fear that alarms cause more issues than they solve can prove true when dealing with a poorly-executed home security plan. Rather than shying away from installing a burglar alarm, we recommend taking steps to eliminate this danger. We work with customers every day to design and install systems that create convenient home security. In this post, we examine the steps you can take to create an effective and easy-to-use alarm system.

We’ll begin with examining the importance of staying involved during the security system design process. Installing a security system that you do not understand can set you up for failure. From there, we’ll look at adding as much ease of use to your system as possible. Taking advantage of modern technology can help achieve the goal of creating convenient home security. Finally, we’ll also address choosing the right company to install your security equipment.  Let’s begin with a focus on working with an alarm company to design and understand your security system.

Stay Involved in Designing and Understanding Your Security Equipment

Many of our customers stay as “hands-off” with their security system installation as possible. On one hand, we do recommend allowing industry professionals such as ourselves make recommendations. However, we also believe that homeowners have a very important role in the security system design process. Knowing a customer’s living situation and security goals can help us design effective, convenient home security. Our post on Smart Security System Design went over some of the many alarm options homeowners have. With the help of our customers, we can provide the security and features they need.

So, how exactly do smart customers help security companies during the system design and installation process? For starters, share as much as possible regarding your living situation and security needs. For example, parents with small children expect extra security in children’s bedrooms. Additionally, many families have in-laws or children living in a separate part of the house. We may need to install extra keypads to make sure all of a home’s inhabitants can access the alarm system.

Finally, homeowners thinking about getting pets should also share this information with their security company. Otherwise, they may end up with false alarms that would have been avoided if the system were designed with pets in mind. Of course, these examples show just some of the ways that homeowner’s help in system design can lead to more convenient home security. Now, let’s look at the piece of your alarm system most important to adding ease of use.


Modern security panels, such as the QOLSYS IQ 2 panel pictured here, provide a convenient, user-friendly interface.

Install an Alarm Keypad with an Easy-to-Use Format

A large part of convenient home security lies in the ability to understand any security system alarm or status updates. Older alarm panels tend to communicate with a series of “beeping” noises and flashing lights. This leads to a frustrating user experience. Unfortunately, this frustration leads some homeowners to stop using their alarm system altogether. We recommend customers in the market for an alarm system to ask for a look at their keypad options. Having a system installed before receiving this preview can create issues down the road.

Modern alarm keypads, such as our preferred QOLSYS IQ 2 model, provide an easy-to-understand interface. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet will understand how to navigate the touchscreen menus. Furthermore, this panel sends status updates in the form of easy-to-understand messages displayed in an inbox. Additionally, we offer a few other keypad options that all feature full LCD displays that communicate easily with users. If you can find a user-friendly alarm keypad, you’ve gone a long way towards experiencing convenient home security. Let’s look at one more piece of equipment that can make your alarm system more user-friendly.

Take Advantage of Smart Phone-Based Security Features

Recently, customers have expected more and more of their technological devices to tie into their smart phones. Several months ago we create a post detailing How to Use your Smart Phone to Add Security to Your Alarm. In that post, we pointed out how modern alarm systems have kept up with this trend. Many of our customers use cellular dialers to monitor their alarm systems. These dialers ensure that alarm monitoring continues even if customers’ phone lines lose service. Some cellular dialers, such as ours powered by, even allow for interactive cellular monitoring.

A phone open to the app, indicating the user's securit system is armed.’s interactive monitoring services allow users to arm or disarm their security systems remotely.

Interactive cell monitoring services allow you to control your alarm system with your phone. Arming and disarming your alarm, adding and deleting user codes, and other functions can all be done with smart phones using the app. Additionally, our dialers send security notifications to alert you to important security status updates. Alarm events, low sensor batteries, and other users arming and disarming your security system all create immediate text alerts. These features create more effective and convenient home security across the board. At this point we’ve looked at a couple different security products that can make your security system more user-friendly. Now, let’s look at making sure the people installing this equipment also make your life easier.

Find the Right Company to Install Your Security Equipment

In our post detailing 6 Important Questions to Ask Security System Providers, we stressed the importance of having the right company install and maintain your security equipment. The “wrong” companies may install outdated equipment or hold you to a long-term monitoring contract. Furthermore, not every company offers a variety of monitoring options for every customer need. Additionally, some companies subcontract alarm service calls, which means technicians show up unfamiliar with your alarm system. All of this can add up to a frustrating experience with home security.

Two business people signing contracts.

Choosing an alarm company that doesn’t lock you into long-term contracts can help save frustration if you move or wish to change your monitoring services.

Unfortunately, we have run into several homeowners with poor previous experiences with security systems. This can lead to a reluctance to install a burglar alarm, sometimes even for homeowners who have already experienced a break-in! Find an alarm company that can provide you with convenient home security without the hassles mentioned above. At Northeast Security Solutions, we stay up-to-date with the most recent alarm technology. We offer several monitoring options, all with no long-term commitment. Furthermore, our in-house team of technicians install and maintain all of our customers’ security equipment. These are the types of standards you should hold your security company to in order to experience effective, convenient hope security.

Ensuring Convenient Home Security for You and Your Family

We hope that this post has given you some ideas for creating convenient home security at your own house. If you have any questions about the material in this post, we encourage you to contact us. Perhaps you already have security equipment that you wish to update for a more modern security experience. Or maybe you wish to start your alarm design from the ground up and want to make sure you get it right the first time. We provide free site surveys for both new and existing security system customers. We can address any issues you may have, and make recommendations of our own as well. Together, we can create a plan that provides the most convenient home security experience possible.