When it comes to security, we strongly believe in spending whatever it takes to secure your property correctly. However, we still believe in taking some common-sense steps to create this security in as cost-efficient a manner as possible. As a one-stop security shop, we’ve helped over a thousand customers with this endeavor over the last 34 years. Today, we share our top cost-efficient security measures to save you money without costing you valuable security.

First, we’ll explain why we recommend working with a company that offers a whole suite of security products. There are good reasons that companies like ourselves make sure to branch out our product offerings. Then, we’ll take a look at how using modern security equipment can also lead to significant savings. From there, we’ll review some products that we offer that can actually trigger insurance breaks. Adding this equipment can often add security at little to no cost to you after taking advantage of your discounts. Finally, we’ll see how the most effective burglar alarm monitoring can actually save you quite a bit of money in the long run! Now, let’s dive in with a look at the importance of working with a complete security integrator.

Finding a Complete Security Integrator

From our start as locksmiths to our current standing as complete technological and mechanical security integrators, we’ve sold, installed and serviced just about every type of security product on the market. In fact, we still do! This can greatly help customers looking for cost-efficient security measures. How does this help? For starters, it allows you to work with us on jobs that require equipment from more than one security “category.” For example, access control systems require both locksmith work and electronic security work. Hiring a company like us saves you from having to hire additional workers for the job.

Furthermore, we can also work on many tasks at once while on site to save you money. For example, we can install your fire extinguishers while we test your fire alarm system. Or re-key your doors while installing a burglar alarm. How about installing cameras and intercoms at once? All of these examples actually represent job combinations that we have performed for customers! In all of these cases, we’ve created significant savings by performing multiple jobs with a single service call. Next up, let’s see how using modern technology can also save you some money.

A wireless lago

Installing wireless alarm technology based on radio and wifi communication can save you quite a bit of money over installing hardwired security equipment.

Taking Advantage of Modern Security Technology

When we install security products, we do so with a couple important goals in mind. Of course, security always comes front and center in our list of priorities. However, we can create both maximum security and maximum efficiency at the same time. Using the latest and greatest security technology allows us to do so. For example, installing wireless alarm contacts, rather than hardwired devices, lets us create a complete security system without you paying us to run wiring. We cover that concept and how it can save you money in our recent Wireless Alarm Sensor Guide. This example makes up perhaps the most frequent way we save customers money with modern industry technology.

Across the board, using modern technology can create added security and savings. Installing devices that use wifi connections instead of hardwired internet connections, for example, can help save on labor costs. We often connect burglar alarms and cameras to your internet as a means of communication to our central station and even directly to our customers. Therefore, wifi-enabled security can save you money in the same way that wireless alarm contacts can. In general, modern technology products often prove less expensive than their traditional counterparts. As the security industry finds more efficient means of production, consumers win out as they get savings passed along to them. Now that you’ve seen how modern security equipment can drive down cost, let’s turn our attention to installing products with potential savings from your insurance company!

Installing Devices that Create Insurance Breaks

We surprise many of our customer by helping them find insurance breaks for using our security products. However, we do offer services that do just that. For example, did you know that having a monitored security system often triggers one of these discounts? Many companies pay you back for installing a burglar alarm that will create a police dispatch! After all, this helps secure the very items you hire these companies to insure.

On this same note, installing monitored fire detection can get you similar rewards. In fact, adding monitored life safety equipment often pays itself back very quickly after taking insurance rewards into account! Finally, installing monitored environmental sensors can add one more level of important security and savings. These devices detect dangerous conditions on your property such as frozen pipes, the presence of water in your basement, and extreme high and low temperatures. Many of our customers take advantage of this security at little to no cost. Thanks to insurance discounts, some find it even less expensive to add this security than to skip it! Now, we’ll see how the security monitoring you use can also help in your quest to find cost-efficient security measures.

Using the Best Alarm Monitoring Available

Traditionally, alarm monitoring options come as an “a la carte” service. Starting with basic phone line monitoring, customers can then add additional services that each increase your overall monitoring cost slightly. For example, customers that have our basic alarm services may add on different features throughout the years. Customers with phone-line based monitoring may graduate to cell-dialer based monitoring. They may eventually want the ability to know which codes were used to disarm the security system, and at what times. Perhaps they may wish to receive alerts if nobody disarms the security system at their shop in time to open. We can provide all of these services to customers at a cost, with that total cost adding up as they take on additional services.

A hand holding a phone open to the Alarm.com app

Interactive cellular monitoring through Alarm.com allows users to control their alarm through a cell phone app and receive important security alerts on their cell phones.

Luckily, we have a solution that takes the most popular alarm monitoring add-ons and rolls them into one convenient solution. Our interactive alarm monitoring, powered by Alarm.com, gives you tremendous security monitoring power. It all starts with installing our Alarm.com cellular dialer. This device uses a secure connection to a cellular network to monitor your alarm. This lets you cancel your phone line if you’ve been holding on to it just to monitor your security sensors.

This service also takes the place of alarm usage reports and alerts. It does so by providing instant notifications when someone arms or disarms the security system. You can also create alerts when expected arming and disarming events do not happen. This covers the scenario described above, where a business owner wants an alert if nobody shows up to open on time. Finally, our interactive monitoring lets you control your security system with a smartphone app. Therefore, if you forget to arm your security on the way out the door, now you can fix this issue with the press of a button! This level of security make our Alarm.com interactive monitoring easily our most populer monitoring option. Furthermore, the inclusion of all these features in one monitoring service makes it cost-efficient as well.

Putting it All Together

We hope that this post helps you find cost-efficient security measures that work for your own application. Moreover, we also invite you to contact us with any questions that this post raises for you. We will happily answer any and all security-related inquiries. Additionally, we also encourage you to take advantage of our free site survey program. We offer complimentary security audits and equipment quotes to both new and existing customers alike. While on site, we can find solutions for your unique security concerns. Furthermore, we can also create recommendations based on our own observations of your property.

Perhaps you have some security measures in place, but want to find ways to install cost-effective equipment for added security. Or, maybe you have very little security now, and want to change that! Either way, we are here to help. We have 34 years and counting of experience helping customers find the best solutions for each and every type of application. Together, we can create a plan to keep you, your property, and everyone on it as safe and secure as possible!