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Indoor Surveillance Tips


In our post sharing Yard and Driveway Security Tips, we discuss the important role surveillance cameras play in securing the outside of your home. Cameras work as a means of both deterring and solving crime. After all, thieves who spot surveillance outside your home will likely choose another target for their crimes. Of course, their […]

Proactive Home Security Tips


As security professionals, we always encourage customers to think ahead when it comes to their home security. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the calls we receive come after a family has experienced a crim-related issue or a break-in. Many families fail to fully consider and address security concerns until experiencing firsthand the result of poor […]

Connecting Your Home Security Devices


Over the past several years, we’ ve written several posts describing our home security offerings. As a one-shop stop for all your security needs, we regularly educate homeowners on their many security options. Additionally, we like to make your security equipment as easy as possible to use. For starters, we strive to select the most […]

Tips to Add Images to Your Home Security


If you’ve followed our blogs over the last couple years, you know how capturing images of your property increases home security. Of course, home security systems do a great job scaring away intruders. Furthermore, monitored alarms even create a police dispatch if necessary. However, burglar alarm systems rarely lead to the capture of criminals. After […]

Rental Property Security Tips


Several months ago, we created a post sharing some valuable Security Advice for Renters. In that post, we shared how renters can use different approaches to add non-intrusive security to their rental properties. This week, we share some security tips for those on the other side of the “renter/rentee” transaction. Here, we will share tips […]

Unique Alarm.com Smart Camera Features


We’ve discussed the benefits of security cameras in several of our posts. For example, our post providing Yard and Driveway Security Tips examines how cameras add security by recording activity around your home. Additionally, the mere presence of cameras often acts as a deterrent to crime. Criminals who see cameras around your home may well […]

Improving Car Security at Home

An open garage with an Alarm.com cell phone display indicating that the garage has been left open

When designing a home security plan, we often ask customers about the belongings or valuables they most wish to secure. The overwhelming majority of them cite their car as the possession they could least afford to lose or have vandalized. Unfortunately, many families often create home security plans that do not adequately address secure their […]

Date Night Security for Parents


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, romance is in the air and couples are planning their special night out. Of course, for parents, date nights can get complicated to arrange. This goes for both major nights out like Valentine’s Day as well as casual dinner-and-movie dates any other outings that parents plan throughout the year. […]

Our Top Non-Alarm Home Security Products


If you read our post on How Professional Locksmith Services Help Homeowners, then you know that our company does much more than install home security systems. Even if you do have an alarm system, we recommend taking other steps to secure your home. Alarm systems can provide notification for burglary, fire, and environmental emergencies. While […]