Security for Families on Multiple Schedules

When we work with customers to create a home security plan, we must do so with all of a home’s residents in mind. For many families, this means interacting with their secuirty equipment at standard times. Residents may leave for work and school at similar times, locking doors and arming their alarm behind them. From…

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Your Guide to Alerts

If you’ve followed this blog at all over the past few years, you know that we highly recommend having your security system monitored. Doing so ensures that you know when your security system detects a potential breach while you are gone. Furthermore, it also lets you know that an alarm emergency will also create a…

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5 Benefits of Cellular Alarm Monitoring

An app open on a phone with a house in the background.

Several months ago, we created a post introducing a few Unique Security Monitoring Options. In that post, we discussed the basics of alarm monitoring, as well as the benefits of different monitoring options. In short, alarm monitoring involves creating a means of communication between a security system and a central station. Upon activation of an…

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