Commercial Camera Installation Tips

A sign reading "Warning: Security Cameras in Use"

We’ve long touted commercial surveillance cameras as one of the most effective types of commercial security available. Installing a camera system gives you the ability to review any footage of illegal or suspicious activity that takes place on your property. Furthermore, it also provides a deterrent to criminals considering targeting your property. After all, thieves…

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Large Business Security Tips

Over the past several years, we’ve used this blog to share quite a bit about commercial security. This includes our recent post on Adding Fire Security to Your Business. Creating business security brings about its own unique challenges above and beyond those faced by homeowners. Therefore, we do our best to educate and guide our…

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Adding Restaurant Security

A red button reading "Fire Alarm"

As a one-stop shop for all things commercial security, we’ve provided solutions for hundreds of businesses over the last thirty-plus years. Comercial properties all present their own unique security concerns. For starters, every business has its own unique layout that we must consider when designing security measures. Additionally, every type of business also presents unique…

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Surveillance Camera Upgrade Tips

A yellow sign with a black camera

As we’ve pointed out in multiple posts on this site, security technology changes rapidly. Specifically, the race to create the latest and greatest seems to affect the surveillance side of our industry quite heavily. Over the past decade, changes in camera technology have created multiple security benefits. For starters, more powerful cameras allow for more…

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Unique Commercial Security Features

If you’ve read our blog posts in the past, you know that we find security solutions for all different types of situations. Security does not fit a “one-size-fits-all” mold. Instead, different types of applications have their own challenges and solutions. One of the greatest differences in approaches lies in the difference between residential and commercial…

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DIY Camera Systems vs Professional Surveillance Cameras

So you have decided to add the security of video surveillance to your home. Now come the big decisions, and there are quite a few. One of the first decisions you will make is whether to design and install your own surveillance cameras using one of the many DIY camera systems or call a professional to take care of…

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