Important Back-to-School Security Tips


Back-to-school season is upon us. Classes in many local schools have swung back into session this week. As the last heat wave of the summer fades, we want to provide you with some back-to-school security tips. Every time of year brings its own unique security concerns. In our Vacation Security To-Do List, we discussed safety tips for […]

Best Practices for Surveillance Camera Maintenance


A few weeks back, we shared a post about Home Surveillance System Design. That post aimed to help potential surveillance camera customers answer the most important camera system design questions. However, the work does not end after system design and installation. In this post, we want to help you preserve your surveillance cameras in the long run. […]

Common-Sense Measures for Exterior School Safety


As back-to-school season ramps up, so too do security efforts from school districts. We get several calls from school administrators to complete last-minute security preparations as the summer winds down. In last year’s post on Why Security Professionals Oppose Classroom Barricades, we look at classroom security. Specifically, we examine the debate over quick-fix classroom barricades. These devices have gained […]

Smart Home Surveillance System Design


More and more of our customers consider cameras an important part of their home security plan. As with many security-related products, however, entering the home surveillance market can prove frustrating. Customers often find themselves with countless camera choices, facing confusing industry jargon. And that’s just the beginning, because deciding where and how to install cameras can prove just as frustrating […]

Taking Steps to Defeat Smart Criminals


When creating a home security plan with customers, we attempt to think like a criminal. Of course, we cannot always anticipate how a burglar will approach a home, and why. However, specific patterns of behavior have certainly emerged while studying burglary statistics. Some of these patterns go against some common misconceptions. For example, burglars generally try […]