These days more than ever, we live in a society that expects communication to happen quickly. Anyone can text, call, or even create chats with multiple people with a smartphone they carry with them at all times. Likewise, we hold internet communication via messaging apps and email at the tips of our fingers at all times. This technology comes in quite handy in the security industry. After all, time is of the essence when it comes to the safety and security of loved ones and our customers’ properties. In this post, we share some security equipment you can install to receive instant security alerts.

We will begin with a couple of ways to receive instant alarm-based security alerts. We offer a couple of options to keep you in the know regarding your alarm’s activity. Then, we will focus on video-based smart camera security alerts. Our customers use these cameras both indoors and out to receive instant video updates of activity on their property. Therefore, we will touch on both of these options in this section. Finally, we’ll shift our attention to how other smart home devices can provide instant security alerts. Now, let’s get started with a look at security alerts created by burglar alarms!

Alarm Activity Alert Otions

Burglar alarms, often referred to as “security systems,” represent one of the most effective and popular means of both residential and commercial security. Therefore, we install and maintain quote a few of these systems. The security and peace of mind these alarms offer comes from their ability to create multiple responses to a burglary. The first response happens onsite in the form of blaring sirens upon detecting a breach. From there, a monitored alarm system also communicates a message to our central station. Finally, our central station notifies our customers about the issue by phone and, if necessary, dispatches the proper authorities.

An alert showing the security system being disarmed.

Cellular dialer alerts, such as this one from, provide instant alerts to keep you informed of alarm activity.

Moreover, the past several years has seen the availability of even quicker alarm-based alerts. These alerts revolve around the ability of our alarms to communicate automatically and directly with our customers. We offer a couple different ways to make this happen, which we will detail in this section. First and formemost, cellular-dialer based monitoring allows your security system to send out customized, instant text alerts. Additionally, our central station also offers an option for instant alarm alerts. First, let’s look at how provides this unique feature!

The Advantage

Awhile back, we created a post sharing 5 Benefits of Cellular Alarm Monitoring. In that post, we introduce cellular monitoring as an upgrade from traditional, phone-line based alarm monitoring. To recap, traditional alarm monitoring involves connecting a security system to a property’s existing phone lines. In turn, this connection allows an alarm to communicate with our central station. For several decades, this represented the only way to monitor an alarm. Unfortunately, this led to issues. For example, phone line outages would often interrupt alarm monitoring. Furthermore, clever burglars would cut a property’s phone lines before attempting a break-in. Of course, this would disable that property’s alarm from calling for help.

For these, reasons, we recommend cellular alarm monitoring. This form of monitoring involves installing a cellular dialer to create a connection between an alarm and our central station. Once installed, our dialers use a cell network, rather than a phone connection, to communicate. Therefore, phone outages no longer affect your monitoring. Additionally, our cellular dialer powered by provides a unique, additional benefit. Namely, our cellular dialer provides interactive cellular monitoring. This service provides a direct connection between your alarm and your smartphone!

In practice, this feature lets you receive text alerts from your alarm and even control your security system remotely. Therefore, alarm events can create instant security alerts to warn you of an intruder. Moreover, other events such as system armings and disarmings can also provide these alerts. The ability to control and receive notifications from your alarm make this our most popular monitoring option!

Central Station Text Message Alerts

We do offer one more form of alarm alerts that any of our customers can utilize to stay “in touch” with their security system. Our central station, Rapid Response Monitoring, offers a service called Rapid SMS to alert alarm customers to danger. This allows customers using means other than for security monitoring to still receive automated system alerts. After receiving an alarm communication, this service provides alarm customers with an alert as well as a few options to take action.

For starters, alarm users can cancel or confirm an alarm upon receiving a notification. Additionally, they can also enter a group chat with all of the contacts associated with a given alarm system. In the case of false alarms, this service even allows users to instruct the central station to ignore alarms generating from specific sensors. For example, a motion detector in a garage with a squirrel in it can cause multiple false alarms. The ability to ignore certain zones until you return to your property to address the issue can save you a major headache. Now, let’s look at a unique video monitoring option that gives you the ability to instantly check up on unexpected activity at your home or business!

An outdoor camera monitoring a customer's yard.

Smart cameras, such as this one by, allow you to watch both live and recorded footage from your smartphone at all times.

The Many Security Benefits of Smart Cameras

We install smart cameras in many locations where customers wish to receive the security of video surveillance without the expense and difficulty associated with installing traditional camera systems. In the past, installing cameras required running wires from a dedicated recorder to each of a property’s camera locations. This can prove tedious and, in some locations, even impossible based on a property’s layout.

In contrast, smart cameras do not require this wiring. Instead, they connect to your network and stream video via Wi-fi. They also store captured video on the cloud, rather than a hardwired piece of equipment. This allows us to install these cameras for a resonable price in any location that has Wi-fi. One of the benefits of these cameras lies in their ability to send live video to your phone upon detecting motion, if you choose to activate this feature. Furthermore, our own smart cameras even allow you to set up unique alerts based on non-activity as well.

For example, maybe you have a camera in a main hallway by your front door. You will not need an instant alert every time someone enters this area. However, perhaps you expect your kids home from school by 3:00 pm on weekday afternoons. In this case, you can receive an alert when someone enters this hallway between 2:30 and 3:00 pm Monday through Friday. Additionally, you can even create a text alert sent to your phone if this camera does not sense motion by 3:00 pm. The ability to customize alerts for each cameras adds a tremendous amount of security. Next, we’ll see how adding additional smart home-based appliances can provide even more opportunity to receive instant security alerts.

Smart Home Devices for Easy Activity Tracing

Many people think of smart home appliances as strictly convenience-oriented. However, many of these devices also add security. For example, smart locks allow you to control and track access to your home without the use of keys. Obviously, this helps keeps spare keys out of the wrong hands. Additionally, these locks provide an audit trail of users who have unlocked your home in case someone with a code does come back uninvited. Just as with the other security measures in this post, smart locks can also provide instant security alerts! Some property owners wish to receive an alert any time someone unlocks their door. However, you can also customize these alerts to only receive them during certain times of day.

A Schlage smart lock on a door with a hand punching in a user code

Many smart home products, such as this Schlage smart lock, provide instant security notifications to alert you to activty on your property.

As another example, smart thermostats can help you check on and even control your home’s temperature remotely. Moreover, they can give you temperature-related alerts if your home’s temperature becomes alarmingly hot or cold. Other smart devices we can connect to your alarm include garage door openers, light bulbs and light switches, and even smart outlets that you can use to control any plug-in smart device remotely! All of these devices allow you to customize notifications to create instant alerts for activity within your home. For more ideas, check out our post sharing 7 Important Security System Add-Ons for Your Smart Home!

Using Instant Security Alerts to Your Advantage

We hope that this post will help you find security equipment that works for you and that keeps you informed of activity at your property in a timely manner. Seconds count in an emergency, and with today’s technology there is no reason to settle for anything less than an immediate notification. We also encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have about the material in this post. We frequently help customers upgrade their security measures to receive instant security alerts. Furthermore, we also provide free site surveys to both new and existing customers alike. This allows us to create a plan to add additional security in person, based on our own observations and your own unique security needs. Together, we can create a complete security plan to keep you, your property, and your family as safe and secure as possible!