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Fire Security Devices for Your Home


When people think of home security, they often think of burglary-related security devices. For example, alarm systems and cameras go a long way towards alerting customers to suspicious activity around their home. However, we also recommend adding another type of security equipment that can prove at least as important. Fire security devices often save our […]

Motion Detector Installation Best Practices


Along with door and window sensors, motion detectors help make up the “core” of any alarm installation. These detectors can cover large areas of space within a home. Therefore, installing a small number of motion detectors often proves more efficient than installing dozens of window contacts. Additionally, these detectors can help detect activity that most […]

Creative Home Security System Options


When we design a home security system, we like to consider several different scenarios. Of course, burglar and life safety monitoring come first and foremost. However, we still have plenty of work left to do after addressing these factors. In fact, we often surprise customer with the wide variety of equipment we can install. This […]

Connecting Your Home Security Devices


Over the past several years, we’ ve written several posts describing our home security offerings. As a one-shop stop for all your security needs, we regularly educate homeowners on their many security options. Additionally, we like to make your security equipment as easy as possible to use. For starters, we strive to select the most […]

Making Security as Affordable as Possible


In many of our posts, we encourage readers to purchase solid, “built-to-last” security equipment. The old adage that you get what you pay for rings especially true in this industry. Customers can purchase cameras, burglar and fire alarm equipment, and lock hardware at varying prices and levels of quality. Unsurprisingly, those that choose products on […]

False Alarm Causes and Solutions


Quite a while ago, we created a post aimed at Tackling Ten Common Home Security Myths. We designed that post to ease the fears that many customers feel when considering an alarm installation. One of these “myths” that we hear most about revolve around the inevitability of false alarms. Of course, false alarms do happen, […]

Choosing the Right Security Provider


Shopping around for any type of product or service can prove difficult and time-consuming. After all, the process often involves plenty of research, in-person meetings, and number-crunching. However, the security industry can confound even the most weathered consumer. The wide variety of potentially-confusing technological products, business models, and price points offered by security providers can […]

When Should I Call My Alarm Company?

An orange phone with a cord

At Northeast Security Solutions, we do not believe in taking a “set it and forget it” approach to home security. Unfortunately, many customers install an alarm system and fail to follow best practices for system and monitoring maintenance. This can lead to your security failing to work efficiently when you need it most. Morevover, it […]

Alarm Options to Add Outdoor Security


Over the past several decades, the popularity of alarm systems has grown tremendously. Both home and business owners alike now regularly install alarms to monitor their homes against burglary and fire-related emergencies. Furthermore, the technology behind these systems has grown throughout the years. We often surprise customers with updates on the “latest and greatest” security […]