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Securing Your Most Important Doors


We often call door hardware the “first line of defense” against burglars. This is because thieves often prefer to breach doors over other means of entrance. After all, burglars who can pick a lock quickly look much less suspicious than they would crawling through a window. Additionally, many property owners install extremely cheap lock hardware […]

Avoiding Lock Installation Mistakes


We often refer to locks as your “first line of defense” against crime. After all, locks secure your main entry points. Failing to secure your doors properly can render any additional security measures useless. Unfortunately, many home and business owners fail to follow best practices when choosing and installing their locks. Sometimes, this comes from […]

How Professional Locksmith Services Help Homeowners


As your one-stop security shop, Northeast Security Solutions provides a wide variety of security services. These services range from installing cameras,  burglar alarms, access control systems and more. Additionally, many of our customers are surprised to learn that we also offer professional locksmith services. Of course, the security industry relies largely on electronic, high-technology security […]