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Using Alarm.com Wellness Features


Over the last couple months, we’ve created posts addressing how the current COVID-19 pandemic has created the need for new approaches to security. We created a post sharing Security Tips to Secure Vacant Business Properties. We also shared some Remote Working Security Tips as well as ideas for Taking Security Measures to Fight the Spread […]

Our Top Non-Alarm Home Security Products


If you read our post on How Professional Locksmith Services Help Homeowners, then you know that our company does much more than install home security systems. Even if you do have an alarm system, we recommend taking other steps to secure your home. Alarm systems can provide notification for burglary, fire, and environmental emergencies. While […]

A Holiday Home Security Wish List


With Thanksgiving behind us, holiday gift-shopping season has swung into high gear. If you read our post on Following the Latest Home Security Trends, you will recall that many homeowners now purchase and install their own security equipment as a DIY project. Additionally, you may also recall that modern alarm systems act as a smart […]

5 Tips for Better Vacation Home Security


As summer turns to fall, people with vacation homes begin to pack up and head back to their full-time residence. Our Vacation Security Checklist pointed out some unique security needs that come with leaving your home empty during vacation season. Likewise, leaving your vacation home empty as vacations wind down also creates security issues that […]

Following the Latest Home Security Trends

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As with many technology-driven industries, the field of home security has seen many recent advances. As we pointed out in our Tips for Your Security System Upgrade, many customers periodically install new equipment to keep up with the changing times. Doing so can make security equipment both more effective and easier to use. This combination […]

Kitchen Security Measures for Your Home


At Northeast Security Solutions, we work with families to create a complete home security plan. This involves taking into account safety and security issues in every area of the house. Our recent Guide to Shed and Garage Security addresses securing these important exterior structures. We also created Best Practices to Improve Bedroom Security, Tips to […]

Preventing Car Break-ins With Your Home Security System

Preventing Car Break-ins

This week’s edition (7/11/19) of our local newspaper, the West Springfield Record, includes a front-page headline that reads “Town Besieged by Rash of Car Break-Ins.” The article explains this is happening in multiple communities in our area. WWLP reported about this trend as well.  We’d like to take a moment to point out ways your […]

Security Equipment Shopping Advice


Over the last couple decades, we’ve seen the use and availability of technological devices skyrocket. During this period, industries built on technology have seen products similar to what they provide hit mainstream markets. Of course, the security industry does not provide any exception to this phenomenon. This recent local story from 22News points out the […]