Preventing Car Break-ins

Preventing Car Break-ins With Your Home Security System

By David Condon / July 12, 2019 / Comments Off on Preventing Car Break-ins With Your Home Security System

This week’s edition (7/11/19) of our local newspaper, the West Springfield Record, includes a front-page headline that reads “Town Besieged by Rash of Car Break-Ins.” The article explains this is happening in multiple communities in our area. WWLP reported about this trend as well.  We’d like to take a moment to point out ways your…

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Workers taking calls at a call center.

Should I Have My Security System Monitored?

By Ryan Bell / March 23, 2018 / Comments Off on Should I Have My Security System Monitored?

You have almost countless options when it comes to security system installation. One of the most important decisions involves if (and how) you will monitor your system. Recently, there has been a lot in the news about cities and towns trying to cut down on false alarms. For an example local to us, the city of Springfield,…

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5 Unconventional Uses for Contact Sensors

By Ryan Bell / March 2, 2018 / Comments Off on 5 Unconventional Uses for Contact Sensors

We have previously discussed in 7 Important Security System Add-Ons for Your Smart Home that using contact sensors on doors and windows adds extra security and value to your security system. After all, perimeter doors and windows are the most common use of contact sensors. However, the idea of adding these sensors to other areas of the house…

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A group of people working at a desk

Smart Security System Design

By Ryan Bell / February 2, 2018 / Comments Off on Smart Security System Design

We’ve given a lot of advice for using a security system in previous posts. It goes without saying, though, that those tips only become useful once you have a system installed. In this week’s discussion topic, we’ll rewind to the start of the security system design process. We’ll dive into some of the basic decisions…

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7 Important Security System Add-Ons for Your Smart Home

By Ryan Bell / January 10, 2018 / Comments Off on 7 Important Security System Add-Ons for Your Smart Home

When it comes to security systems, most of you know the basics. Door and window contacts, motion detectors, and fire detection make up most home security systems. However, security systems have come a long way during this age of home automation. Security systems do a better job than ever keeping an eye on your home.…

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Eye Guy Tells 5 Security System Use Tips

5 Security System Use Tips

By Ryan Bell / June 9, 2016 /

You’ve Installed a Home Security System…Now What? A home security system can provide some of the most effective and affordable detection and notification of a crime, as well as peace of mind. For one, a burglar alarm lowers your risk of becoming a break-in victim. It is widely estimated that homes without an alarm are…

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cartoon of an old 2G cell tower near a new 4G cell tower

How the 2G Sunset Will Affect Your Alarm System

By David Condon / March 31, 2016 /

What is the 2G Sunset? 2G refers to the 2nd generation of cellular communication networks that have been in use since 1991.  Since then, most cell phone networks have been upgraded to the much more powerful 3G and 4G technologies (4G is also referred to as LTE or VoLTE by some providers).  Recently, AT&T and…

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VoIP is a Poor Choice for Alarm Systems

By Ryan Bell / April 26, 2015 /

Over the past decade and a half or so, major communications companies such as Comcast, Time Warner, and Charter have begun pushing internet-based phone service as part of their communications and cable options. This phone service is often part of a “bundle” that allows you to pay one rate for phone, internet, and cable access.…

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Donation to the Zoo in Forest Park from Northeast Security Solutions

Donation to the Zoo in Forest Park of a Temperature Monitoring System Coming from Northeast Security Solutions

By David Condon / February 12, 2015 /

A local zoo in Springfield is getting a new tool to increase animal safety thanks to a gift from Northeast Security Solutions. This donation to The Zoo in Forest Park is a temperature detection system that will be installed this Friday, February 13th, 2015. The parts and the labor are being donated in the wake of a recent WGGB news story reporting that “two monkeys…

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